City hears from Fairview resident

The Fairview City Council met for their regular meeting at 7 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 6, at the Fairview Community Center. Present for the meeting were Mayor Art Vonderschmidt, Council Members Doug Bletscher, Charlie Kramer, Steve Holthaus, Sierra Renner and Bridget Harvey, Community Center Manager Joann Keim, City Treasurer Kim Rettele, City Clerk Christine Rosenberger, Code Enforcement Officer Ashley Martinez, and City Employee George Blanton. There were seven guests present.

Vonderschmidt introduced the only guest on the agenda — Fairview resident Jessica McCulloch — and gave her 10 minutes to address the council.

McCulloch addressed concerns she had regarding the last meeting when her name was mentioned during Martinez’s report.

“It seems like whenever I am not here, everybody is willing to bring up my name, but when I am here, nobody wants to speak to the issues that I bring up or the questions that I ask regarding the things that were mentioned about either my property or myself,” McCulloch said.

McCulloch questioned the council about what still needed to be done on her property following her receiving a “Community Improvement Notice” for cutting down her flower bed, tarping fencing materials in the yard and creating a clear pathway to her front door.

Vonderschmidt said the council wasn’t going to comment on the notice, since Martinez had not arrived at the meeting yet.

McCulloch also asked the council why they were still trying to pursue an alternate judge even though she hasn’t been ticketed for anything. Harvey said the city is looking for another judge just in case their judge isn’t available for some reason.

“But I didn’t even get a ticket,” McCulloch said.

“That is not why we are looking for another judge,” Harvey said. “If our judge, say, would be sick or something, or have to go out of town for something, then we need a back up. We don’t have anybody to back us up. That is why we are looking for the extra judge.”

Once Martinez arrived, Vonderschmidt allowed McCulloch to address Martinez.

“I see that you brought up my name [at the last meeting] and you were asking Christine [Rosenberger] what to do about me,” McCulloch said. “So, I told them at the prior meeting that you weren’t at, that I had made the improvements you asked for, and what you said was not correct as far as the porch is concerned. That you refused to walk up to the walkway to see that there is a clear path to the door — three feet or wider — and you said it was completely blocked and it was a fire hazard. The materials are tarped. The flowers, I told them, I will not cut the flowers. I weeded, but that’s it. I’m not cutting the flowers, because they won’t bloom next year. I addressed all of the issues that you had brought up at the time. My question then was, why was my name brought up again in the city council meeting? I haven’t had any correspondence.”

“We were talking about the flowers and I was asking them what they wanted me to do about the flower garden, and we were talking about the right of way and the easement and things like that,” Martinez said. “So, I asked them to get me some information on exact measurements for an easement that would need to be from the street and things like that, before I approached you about the flowers again. Because I want to know some exact information before I just went all willy nilly. That was what was brought up and that was what was talked about, and I still have not been able to get that information, so that is why I have not been back yet.”

“The only thing I saw in the newspaper honestly was that you were asking what you were going to do and Christine said something about getting a judge,” McCulloch said. “That was the only thing I saw in the paper. But as far as the easement is concerned, I told them, you weren’t here again. I have the trees growing up there, but I have the mulberry tree that I haven’t been cutting down, but because people would stop — some people in particular — and my children would be on the trampoline. I let those grow up to give us a little bit of privacy from the road, so they can just keep moving and not be looking at my kids. I’ve tried to clean up actual shrubs along the way, and they have died off. Any correspondence, I would like it sent in the mail.”

“Yes, they said that,” Martinez said.

Vonderschmidt reminded McCulloch that the meetings are public, and anyone’s name can be brought up at a public meeting.

“So, your name may come up again,” Vonderschmidt said. “She [Martinez] is going to do another inspection and see if anything has been done.”

“Good deal. I’ve got pictures,” McCulloch said.

Old Business

K. Rettele reported to the council that information regarding the City Sales Tax question has been sent to The Sabetha Herald by Brown County and the City of Fairview doesn’t need to do anything else until the General Election takes place on Tuesday, Nov. 8.

K. Rettele also said the Fairview sign on U.S. Highway 36 is almost complete and she has paid the bill from Edelmans Home Center from the John Shiable memorial money.

Keim reported that the United Church of Christ has purchased the house at 113 Maple. Keim said the church has signed papers but won’t close until around Oct. 22. The demolition assistance previously approved by the council for this property, will be eventually transferred to the church. Keim said they would fill out new demolition assistance paperwork once the church has closed on the property.

New Business

Ron Rettele brought a bill for the Milan Kloeper property which has been demolished per the demolition assistance agreement made at a prior meeting. The city approved paying 50 percent of the demolition assistance charges, which totaled $1,963.56.

R. Rettele said the city needs to have the lagoon checked for sludge, as it is recommended this is completed every 10 years.

Vonderschmidt gave condolences to the Charles Rogers Family, who had passed away. Vonderschmidt said he did a tour of the new truck stop and everything is on schedule. He also encouraged the council members to “do their homework” on the possibility of a “Community Improvement District,” which is a state program.

Kramer said he had Mary Henry ask about the process to get her street chip and sealed. The council discussed other roads that needed chip and sealed as well.

K. Rettele asked if the city was planning to do a ribbon cutting at the new medical clinic in Fairview during their open house on Saturday, Oct. 15. Rosenberger said she would speak with Beth Kroll about doing one, as well as get in contact with Hack’s Steak Shack and the new bridge, which was installed at the park.

K. Rettele said a Wolfe Grant application came in, and encouraged the council to be thinking about what they want to apply for, so it can be discussed at the November meeting. The application is due Nov. 30.

K. Rettele also discussed the City’s annual payment for the Fire Barn. K. Rettele said the payment is going to be $11,331.25, which leaves a balance of $5,338.75 to pay to the board, for a total of $17,000.

Martinez discussed the tickets she had written and gave the council members updates on multiple properties around Fairview.

Blanton said a little kid’s swing is broken at the Fairview City Park.

Vonderschmidt discussed the trees that have grown up at the lagoon. He also reported he had sold some junk iron from the Butch Roger’s property.

Martinez said the Kansas Association of Code Enforcement Conference is coming up on Nov. 8-10. She asked if the council wanted her to attend this. After discussion, Martinez said she would bring more information to the November meeting, also with classes which will be offered during the conference.

Blanton said he had put up the three speed limit signs.

Also at the meeting:

The council approved the Sept. 1 meeting minutes, with corrections regarding Martinez’s three online code enforcement classes.

The council also approved the treasurer’s report and the bills to pay.

The next regular meeting will be held at 7 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 3, at the Fairview Community Building.

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