Bern City Council 10.11.2022

Submitted by Yvonne Krehbiel

The Bern City Council met on Tuesday, Oct. 11. In attendance were Mayor Dallas Wood, council members Carla Meyer, Dick Koehne, Whitney Wilson and Tim Miller, treasurer Bill Sheik, and secretary Yvonne Krehbiel.

Representing the Bern Community Library, guests Jenny Wood and Katie Meyer attended to request the city block off a portion of Main Street for the Fall Festival on Oct. 30. Since the café intends to remain open for business that evening, the street closure will begin to the east of their store front. The city hall building will be used for the craft vendors, etc. Corn hole is a game to have available at the Fall Festival.

Water department manager Rob Myers reported that Utility Service Company has done some work for the Rural Water District, but not sure when they will get back to the city tower.

Alphia water usage was over 1,000,000 gallons last month (the water system prefers to supply them only 750,000 gallons). Our wells still have water, but their levels have dropped during these dry months. Myers addressed a low water pressure complaint. Often the problem, such as old pipes becoming full of minerals, lies within the property, so it’s not the city’s responsibility. Minerals in the city water supply tend to build up in the well pumps, reducing their pumping capacity. It is time to get on the list for the company that cleans the pumps to restore capacity.

In July, lightning caused damage to the telemetry of the water system. One part is still on order, but other parts are replaced and EMC Insurance has paid on the claim.

The city has not yet received word on the third quarter wastewater samples, which were sent for analysis. Sabetha might have to be called to jet a wastewater line serving residences in the east end of town.

The city has received $12,439.94, in “recovery funds” after COVID. Can those funds be used for utility improvements? A stand-alone generator that would be hooked to propane all the time could run city well pumps and operate the water tower in case of power failure. That is a possible use for the recovery dollars.

The community building will have to buy its own dumpster, but then Seneca Sanitation has graciously offered to donate the weekly cost of emptying it.

Some members of the community have requested a clean-up day, with the city providing a dumpster for that day. No action was taken. 

Should the city hall be used to house more memorabilia? Stateliners 4-H Club requested to store and display some books there. The council spoke of the old school being a preferred location.

During the next year, the city might need to build shelter for the salt spreader.

The city continues to make efforts to remove the nuisance vehicles cluttering the town. The council decided to have vehicles removed with no opportunity to reclaim.

The wooden play structure at the ball park is out of repair and should be removed. The council chose to not make a stand on the survey being conducted by the county.


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