Letter to the Editor: Preservation of the elected office of sheriff

Dear Editor,

Citizens of Nemaha County,

In the upcoming November election, you are going to see a Constitutional amendment on the ballot that has to do with the Office of Sheriff. I would like to attempt to explain what this amendment does and does not do. At this point Kansas is one of 15 states in the Union that does not recognize County Elected Officials in its Constitution. When Kansas was made a State, the legislature created County Elected Offices through their legislative authority which includes the office of Sheriff. This means these Offices are created by the State legislature and can be taken away by the State legislature. The Amendment on the November ballot is a proposal to make the Office of Sheriff a part of the Kansas Constitution which would ensure that the Citizens of Kansas will always be able to elect the person they see fit as Sheriff. This amendment does not do anything personally for any Kansas Sheriff. Adopting the amendment would still allow for the same process currently available to the citizens for removing any Sheriff if the Citizens of their County see fit. In short, this amendment to the Kansas Constitution is an attempt to ensure that Kansans will always have a say in who they elect as their respective County Sheriff. A yes vote on the Constitutional Amendment would make the Office of Sheriff a part of the Constitution and ensure the Citizens of Kansas will be able to continue to Elect Sheriff’s in the counties that currently have Sheriff’s. A no vote on the Constitutional Amendment would not change anything in the current Kansas Law.

Richard Vernon

Nemaha County Sheriff


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