Letter to the Editor: To Zone or Not to Zone. That’s not the question.

Dear Editor,

“To zone or not to zone.” That was not the question asked on the county-wide survey that was recently sent out. So how is it that a very timely flier was also circulated in the county, telling residents to say that they do not want county-wide zoning on the comment section of the survey?!! The survey has NOTHING to do with zoning! It’s not even known who sent the fliers out. Even politicians have the decency to say, “Paid for by…” I can’t help but wonder if someone on the actual zoning board committee – who has hand picked by the same commissioners who allowed the wind turbines into our county – wasn’t behind the bogus flier. Someone who is radically pro wind turbines. Someone who knew when the survey was going to be sent out. People of Nemaha County, the flier is full of lies! If set up correctly, zoning can PROTECT our property rights. It’s the people who have leased their land to wind energy companies who have lost their property rights. Forty years ago, in the Woodlawn area, a low radiation dumpsite was considered. That was 40 years ago! Thankfully it didn’t go through. We can’t begin to imagine what might becoming down the pipe as east and west coasts are getting saturated. Where will they look to expand their outlandish ideas? Un-zoned counties in the Midwest! THAT’s how zoning can protect our property rights. One of the last things Nextera told our family as they were walking down the sidewalk as they were leaving was the fact that we do NOT want zoning in our county. I strongly disagree, If anyone filled out the comment section like requested and would like to change their opinion, please contact your county commissioners.

Ginny Pfrang

Rural Goff


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