Letter: Are You Better Off Today Than You Were Two Years Ago?

Dear Editor,

My how things can change with a stroke of a pen or executive order. The very day our current President took office, he has done nothing to help unify, encourage or promote America. The incompetence of this leader of the free world has spiraled down our moral and economic standing. I could tell you about his inflation rate, his interest rate hikes, his disregard for our laws and our law enforcement to defund, his cutting and regulations of our oil supply, the life blood of our economy. Like all Democrats, their main position seems to gut, cut and dismantle every moral and ethical law and industry we have in order to push their far-left agenda to dismantle our country and our state. But enough of our national embarrassment, let’s look at our state of Kansas. 

Our current Governor states she is a middle of the road candidate, but Kelly, born in New York with family in New York and donors in New York, will always make those left turns when it comes to governing. She seems to be able to veto legislation until the election is near and then takes credit for it.

Derek Schmidt, the highly respected AG has done an outstanding job and has kept Kansas safe. He is running for Governor and will be strong on crime, the border and our Second Amendment. He will have our backs every day, not just when an election is coming near. 

Danny Zeck, a grandfather and business owner from Leavenworth is running for the Board of Education in our district. He has sound ideas as to what needs to be done to keep the CRT and pollical indoctrination of our youth out of our schools and colleges. He deserves our vote.

Our total ticket of Republican candidates are sound, strong decision makers that have the best interest of our Kansans at heart and want to see our state prosper. When it comes to fiscal responsibility, moral integrity for enforcement of our laws and promotion of ethical education with sound Christian values, our team is next to none.

Voters of Kansas cannot be complacent. We need to fight for the freedoms and new ground we are seeing nationally. On November 8, a vote for Kansas leadership is a vote for America’s leadership.

Ray Shinn

Nemaha County Republican Chairman

This letter is paid for by Ray Shinn


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