Letter: Vote no on all judges, except Caleb Stegall

Dear Editor,

With Value Them Both voted down by a big margin, left-wingers have been interpreting it as a pro-choice surge in red-state Kansas. They argue that even red states want unrestricted abortion. Really? Are we to believe that a state which hasn’t voted for a Democrat for president since Lyndon Johnson … that voted for Trump twice by large margins … that has had dominant Republican majorities in both houses as far back as one can remember… and that currently has a Republican pro-life super-majority capable of overriding Gov. Kelly’s vetoes is suddenly a radically pro-choice state? Did Kansans really vote against VTB because they want no restrictions on abortion at all? This strains credulity to the max. Some will argue that Kansas is actually a purple state and more “moderate”. But if that is the case, VTB should have passed by a wide margin, since it was as moderate on abortion as one can get. It made exceptions for rape, incest, and the life of the mother. VTB proposed to merely regulate abortion, not ban it, as though abortion is healthcare and not murder. Representatives of Kansans for Life were very clear that VTB would not ban abortion and they curiously insisted they had no wish to ban abortion. How much more moderate can you get? Left-wing pundits are asking us to believe that Kansas has not only moved to the purply middle, but way past it to the radical far-left position of abortion on demand. Incredible! In addition to the fact that all pro-choicers would have opposed any pro-life bill, perhaps the reason VTB failed is because it wasn’t restrictive enough for many pro-lifers. Pro-lifers are opposed to abortion because it is murder. We believe that God created all human beings in the womb, and that no one has the right to murder them. Did we suddenly reject those beliefs en masse? Conservatives should be highly skeptical when left-wingers offer to help them interpret ballot results and advise them on how to moderate their policies so that they can win future elections. We have an opportunity to “not retain” several bad Supreme Court justices in a few days. Vote no on all judges, except Caleb Stegall. These are the justices that gave us abortion on demand. Next item of business is to pass an amendment changing the awful way Kansas selects its judges.

Curtis Knapp

Rural Seneca

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