Letter to the Editor: Donate during these difficult times

Dear Editor,

Keeping up with the ever-changing field of senior nutrition and funding a non-profit is no easy task. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the staff and volunteers of Meals on Wheels Nemaha County have been working harder than ever to keep up with rising prices and the growing demand for services in our area. During these difficult times, having someone who shows up every day to deliver a nutritious meal and ensure their health and safety provides a lifeline for our local seniors. Our volunteer may be the only person they see or talk to in a day. For those seniors who are able to get out, the Nutrition Centers in Seneca and Sabetha are not only an affordable way to get a nutritious meal, but also offer social activities and the opportunity to visit with other local seniors.

Due to these rising costs, our program has taken a huge hit. The overall cost to deliver a meal now exceeds $11/per meal. Our suggested donation for seniors remains at only $5.50 per delivered meal. Payment is not required, and no one is turned down due to inability to pay. To help us meet the growing needs in your area, Meals on Wheels has partnered with the Greater Sabetha Community Foundation. 

To help maximize area donations, the Greater Sabetha Community Foundation is hosting their seventh annual Give to Grow Day Nov. 18–21. This match can make all the difference in helping fund meals for those seniors who really need them. We currently serve an average of 2,800 meals per month in Nemaha County. Our goal for Give to Grow is to raise $15,000 to allow us to continue to provide meals for our seniors both in and outside the Sabetha city limits. We would love to count on you to help us reach this goal! Please visit the Greater Sabetha Community Foundation Give to Grow website at www.givetogrowday.com today. Walk-in donations will be accepted from 7am – 5pm at the Creative Farmhouse. Gift of Grain donations are always welcome!

General donations to Meals on Wheels Nemaha County can be made at any time by contacting Nemaha County Senior Services at 785-336-8011.

Tammy Epple

Nemaha County Senior Services and Public Transit Director



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