Letter to the Editor: Reply to ‘Conjectures about wind energy’

Dear Editor,

I would like to make some conjectures on the big companies that are trying to push their products on us.

Geri signed her letter as being from Sabetha. She writes as though she is a resident of Sabetha. Yes, she has an address in the Sabetha area and according to her past work history she worked as a land agent for Invenergy LLC from March 2018 to January 2020. She currently is supposedly working as the National Sales Director of iSERVICE Auto https://iserviceauto.com/ in Omaha and dropping notes to The Sabetha Herald editor to help promote industrial wind energy for her past employer. On the home page of iService they discuss creating trust with their clients….that is what she is trying to do by acting like she is being empathetic with the people of Nemaha County. She also worked in Omaha prior to her short time at Invenergy in the automotive sales industry. My thoughts are that even though she has a Sabetha address in Brown County she has yet to embrace being a person of this area that is thinking about the future of our area.

She mentions that wind turbines are 100% recyclable now. I did my own search as I travel for my job I have seen some of the “mountains” of used blades and wondered what they were going to do with all that material. A industry recycle site, https://cen.acs.org/environment/recycling/companies-recycle-wind-turbine-blades/100/i27 does indicate that the blades can be recycled. Plastic can be recycled also and even though it can be recycled we are having a terrible time dealing with it. So, no, it may be labeled green, it may be labeled as 100% recyclable but it is only “kinda green” and “kinda recyclable”. I get it. Everyone wants a great sales pitch.

I like the part about the income being guaranteed. I can guarantee you this. Nothing is guaranteed. Any of you read Justin Lueger’s articles? Inflation is always going up. The feds target a 2-2.5% increase per year. Commodity prices move up as do expenses, which is the downside. But my question to anyone that has signed up or is thinking of signing up when you hear about that dollar amount they are willing to give you as they smile at you and get you to think they are bending over backwards to help you out and tell you that you are the only one in the area that has not signed up. Did you ask about an escalation clause tied to the CPI or Consumer Price Index? Did I mention Geri used to be in the car sales business? Just like Conner Rooney, another car salesman with the wind energy gang. There is a picture I get in my head of a stereo typed car salesman. I can not help it but I always have the picture of a hustler that is not always going to give you full transparency because they just want to earn your trust and let you think they are really working for you and can not go a penny lower as you have totally cut into their own sales commission. But they want to help you! So, you sign the contract…..after that, they are done with you. But prior to that they have to develop trust so that you believe them. They are educated to become good at that. But back to the escalation clause. How much has inflation ate up this year? In 1998 diesel was around $1 a gallon. The cost of electricity is going up but those big companies are not interested in sharing that with you. That is what an escalation clause can help out with.

Who in the area knows someone that is one of the 8-12 permanent jobs that was created in the local area due to just the wind farm?

I checked out https://spp.org/ unless you have a lot of time to dig into that rabbit hole, good luck.

To end this article I would like to hit on full transparency again as I am not sure if Geri fully understands it.

The Nemaha County survey was sent out to the residents of Nemaha County to review, think about the questions and give answers that they came up with. Influence from special interests was not requested and not wanted. Low and behold a lobbying propaganda flyer was sent out from PO Box 4152, Topeka, KS 66604. No indication of what special interest group it is from. But “they” obviously know what they want for an end goal and to get there they obviously know they need to influence the people of our county. I am sure “they” will be reading this letter. I want to be clear. PEOPLE ARE GETTING TIRED OF CORPORATE GREED!! Your lack of full transparency gives me the impression you are dishonest and think the lot of us are a bunch of rubes. We know that if you get your wind farm project rammed through you could care less what happens in our county.

Shannon Stapleton




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