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As we near another Veteran’s Day this Friday, let reflect on those who gave the ultimate and did not come home. Our fathers, grandfathers, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters, cousins and grandchildren. They answered the call to duty to honor, respect and serve our great country. To protect not only our freedoms, our Constitution and our families and loved ones, to protect Americans. They were shipped across the seas to aid and defend our allies from those who invaded their counties, by those who wanted to take their freedoms and destroy their nation, families and friends. The American soldier goes where they are needed and when needed. And we are grateful. Those that served and came back are the Veterans that answered the call, served our nation and are with us as an example of what it is to have served and protected a nation, our families, our security, no matter what military branch, rank or service. We will continue to pray for those veterans that continue to fight the fight every day, who may have been forgotten. A few quotes to remember. “There cannot be a better death than laying down your life for a loved one. These Veterans have laid their lives and suffered for the sake of the whole country. We may not know each of them by name or face. But let us keep everyone of them and their families in our prayers.” – Unknown. “May we think of freedom, not as the right to do as we please, but as the opportunity to do what is right.” – Peter Marshall. “Some people Dream the Dream. Some people live the Dream. Some people defend the Dream. God Bless the Defenders.” – Unknown.

Ray Shinn

Nemaha County Republican Chairman


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