Think globally, act locally

Dear Editor,

THINK GLOBALLY and ACT LOCALLY – This is a phrase that I think of often. It was penned by Patrick Geddes, a city planner from the early 1900s. It seems especially appropriate these days as we face inflation, increasing crime, and a multitude of other issues, and after we just heard a host of politicians say they have all the answers to whatever ails our society. It can be extremely frustrating looking at the current state of our country and wonder what can be done. So many issues seem monumentally huge and the control center for reform seems so far away. What in the world can little ‘ol me do that could possibly make a difference anyway? That kind of thinking causes a person to throw up their hands and decide to leave it to others to do something. THINK GLOBALLY and ACT LOCALLY. Rather than succumb to frustration at the size of a problem, think on and act on those things that are within your reach and ACT LOCALLY. One way to ACT LOCALLY is by participating in the 2022 Give to Grow Challenge November 18-22. Fifty five organizations under the Greater Sabetha Community Foundation umbrella are involved in this year’s event including Neighbor 2 Neighbor. Neighbor 2 Neighbor’s purpose is simple –to help people in the Sabetha community who are struggling to maintain their homes so that their standard of living can be elevated. Neighbor 2 Neighbor also helps families that might be experiencing an emergency like a house fire or sudden illness. By joining and ACTING LOCALLY along with Neighbor 2 Neighbor in these things, we can all care for our neighbors, beautify our city and make Sabetha a more neighborly place to live. I’ve been working with Neighbor 2 Neighbor for about 6 years now and have seen some amazing things during that time. I challenge everyone reading this to ACT LOCALLY by giving to Neighbor 2 Neighbor during the Give to Grow Challenge Nov. 18-22. The money you give goes to local projects run by a volunteer Board of Directors that knows Sabetha, and without a lot of red tape. Read more about the 2022 Give to Grow Challenge Event in today’s paper. If you have any questions, you can call us at 785-285-8115. We’d love to talk to you about the exciting things we’re doing right now, right here LOCALLY.

Marlene Bosworth

Neighbor2Neighbor Treasurer



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