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125 Years

Thursday, November 25, 1897

New Stock… of Skates, Turkey Roasters, Nickle Plated Ware, Silver Knives and Forks, Spoon, Razors, Lanterns, Clothes Wringers, Graniteware, Pocket Knives, Carving Sets, Mrs. Potts’ Flat Irons, Etc., Etc., Etc., Etc. Call and get prices. Geo Ira Adams, Spot Gash Hardware Store.

Not fore many months have playgoers of Aberdeen witnessed such superb acting as that presented by Phil and Bessie Maber’s company at the opera house last night. The comedy is an unusually strong play and gives ample scope for the versatility of the members of the cast, and that they did full justice to it was manifested by the hearty applause and general expressions of pleasure. The leading parts were taken by Phil and Bessie in a manner that left nothing to be desired, and their efforts were ably seconded by their associates. Every member of the company is an artist and their finished acting was a pleasant surprise to the people of this section who have been compelled to content themselves with “barnstormers” for the past few seasons. – Daily News, Aberdeen, S. Dak.

C. H. Funk passed through Saturday on his way to Emporia where he has been made manager for the Postal Telegraph company. Mrs. Funk will remain in charge at Seneca for the present but will probably join her husband soon as one of the office operators at Emporia.

G. N. Benson has traded his Brown County farm of 160 acres, the E. R. Morton for the Keim business building and residence which Mr. Morton had just traded for.

A new elevator is being built at Dubois by Contractor J. M. Roberts. It will have a capacity of about 10,000 bushels and will be equipped with a corn sheller, and a gasoline engine for power.

100 Years

Thursday, November 23, 1922

City papers are always jumping on country papers for forgetting to mention the bridegroom in wedding writeups. Therefore we take great pleasure in calling attention to a dramatic review in the Topeka Capital Tuesday in which the name of the play is not mentioned. The play was really “The Dover Road,” one of the New York successes last winter, but no one would have known it thru the criticism. Us country reporters stand now avenged.

Misses Esther Schug, of Berwick school, Zelma Turner, National, Winnie McClain, Victory; Katie Neil, Mrs. Blanche McNergney and Chester Priest of Woodlawn attended the school association meeting Saturday in Seneca. Miss Schug spoke on things to be gained by playground supervision, Mrs. McNergney, on making exercises more interesting. Professor Melvin of Lawrence gave a talk on History, and led a round table.

Friday night is farmer’s night at the revival at Memorial hall. We will all go in a body so farmers from everywhere and their families are requested to meet at the following places. Fenner & Dillaplain’s grocery, Farmers State Bank and Hughes Clothing store. Be there sure by 7:20 p.m. for we want to be in the hall by 7:30 p.m. for the song service. T. J. Meisner.

The Morrill correspondent’s item last week saving “C.L. Wisdom” was arrested was without foundation. In the first place there is no “C.L. Wisdom,” so it is quite evident that no person named Wisdom of any “given name” whatever was arrested, says a member of the family, lien canceled. Forget it.

The Honey Creek consolidated school across the line in Nebraska is winning praise for its football team. The team is composed of the following Orrie Sorrell, left end; Charley Danliker, left tackle; Paul Morris, left guard, John Marmet, center, Harry Dufrene, right guard, Victor Adams, right end, Chester Wittwer, right tackle; Frank Heskitt, quarter back; Wilton Walker, right half, Thorwald Wittwer, full back; Forrest Freilburg, left half.

The “other Hanover bank” has failed. The owner said the failure of August Jaedecke’s bank some years ago was contributory to his failure.

75 Years

Wednesday, November 19, 1947

House is entered for fifth time in two years. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Dandliker, who live five miles southwest of Sabetha, can’t decide whether they are just unlucky about burglars or whether someone thinks they have something valuable around the house. Their farm home has been entered four times in the past two years, despite increasing use of good, strong locks. The most recent time was Thursday evening when the Dandlikers were in Sabetha. Since the time two years ago when the place was first entered in their absence, Mr. and Mrs. Dandliker have been very particularly about leaving the house locked. But further entries have been made, either with keys that fit the lock or by forcing the locked door open. The first time only some food, mostly canned goods was taken. Some small household furnishings were taken later, some of them perhaps valuable as antiques. Thursday night business papers appeared to have been gone through and some stolen, although no papers of monetary value were kept in the house. While nothing of great value has been taken the Dandlikers are getting pretty discouraged about having their home broken into. “Thursday night better be the last time,” says Mrs. Dandliker. “The next time we see or hear anything the least bit suspicious the sheriff is going to be called and the entries investigated thoroughly.”

50 Years

Thursday, November 23, 1972

Sabetha shoppers will be given an opportunity to win oodles of money (over $1,000) starting next week when the Chamber of Commerce annual holiday season promotion begins. The first event is next Tuesday night when the holiday street decorations and lights will be turned on for the first time at 7 p.m. On this evening, most of the merchants will be offering a ten percent discount on all purchases made between 7-9 p.m. Some will be offering other prizes and contests to make your visit to downtown Sabetha interesting, fun and rewarding.

A squad of 19 basketball hopefuls have been working out with head coach Bob Cole and assistant Jay Kreighbaum for the past couple of weeks. With only one starter returning from last years club that achieved an 8-11 mark, Coach Cole admits it may take some time for his young Bluejays to “jell.” The first two weeks have been devoted entirely to working on fundamentals and conditioning.

25 Years

Wednesday, November 19, 1997

EXTRU-TECH announced Monday that MAC Equipment Inc. has acquired controlling interest of the company. The sale was effective Nov. 6. With the sale, co-founder Ken Matson, EXTRU-TECH chief executive officer and president, will continue his active role as president of the company. Co-founder Ernie Keehn has retired from day-to-day operations, but remains available to the company for consulting services.

Sabetha’s current sewer plant can’t be fixed and it’s going to take from $2.5 to $3 million to build a new one. That news was included in the preliminary report by Larkin Associates, the consulting firm hired by the city in August 1996 to conduct the comprehensive engineering study for needed waste water improvements. Ted Hayden, city administrator, told city commissioners Monday that the cover letter to the report was blunt in its recommendation that the city not attempt to upgrade its present sewer plant. He suggested agreeing or challenging that assessment was a good place for the commission to start the sewer improvement process.

10 Years

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Navajo Code Talker Samuel Tom Holiday, right, who served in the U.S. Marine Corps as a radioman passing and receiving messages in the Navajo Code during combat operations in the Pacific Theatre of Operations during World War II, “talks story” to the audience in the packed Sabetha Middle School auditorium as his daughter, Helena Begaii, left, listens Saturday evening, November 17, during the long-awaited “An Evening of History.” Sabetha Veterans of Foreign Wars Memorial Post 7285 hosted the event, supported by contributions from local businesses.

Representatives of members of the Prairie Hills Education Association and representatives of the Prairie Hills USD No. 113 Board of Education could not come to an agreement on teacher contract negotiations at their October meeting. Since both sides could not reach an agreement, board representatives filed single impasse paperwork with the Kansas Department of Labor. Under the collective bargaining statutes, a federal mediator will week to broker an agreement in a joint mediation session on Wednesday, Dec. 5. If the teachers and the board cannot agree during mediation, the next step will be fact-finding, which will include researching the financial status of the district and estimating future full-time equivalency numbers.

Due to a conversion error between the Brown County Appraiser’s tax program and the Brown County Treasurer’s tax program, some tax statements have reverted back to owners or addresses from previous years, resulting in the current taxpayer not receiving their 2012 tax statement. Brown County Treasurer Cheryl Lippold asks that all rural taxpayers please check over their tax statements to be sure they have received all their statements.

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment Office of Rural Health has awarded 11 rural communities in Kansas each a grant to support their local community health assessment and improvement planning efforts. The counties receiving these community health assessment and engagement grants are Brown, Dickinson, Jackson, Marion, Ottawa, Phillips, Republic, Rice, Russell, Wilson and Washington. Each county will receive up to $4,000 to be used for activities such as holding town hall meetings or conducting community surveys.

Saluting the U.S. Flag during the National Anthem are Color Guard members representing Sabetha VFW Post 7285 (World War II veteran Ed Garber), Sabetha American Legion Post 126, Valley Falls VFW Post 3084 (World War II veteran Ted Montgomery), NAVA Post 7702 of the Iowa Tribe, Kickapoo American Legion Post 415, Goff American Legion Post 316, and Boy Scout Troop 77. World War II veteran Earl Hartter, not pictured, carried the American Flag.

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