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Submitted by JoLene Bloom

On Saturday, Nov. 19, the Nemaha County Democrats met at the Seneca Free Library. The next meeting will be Jan. 21, 2023, at the library as well.

The meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance and announcements, including those who are experiencing challenges in their lives. The agenda was adopted as sent to members. 

The minutes of Sept. 17 meeting were approved as submitted by Secretary Greg Newlin. Susan Bowman, treasurer, spoke of the receipts and expenses of the Oct. 19 general election dinner, the silent auctions and recent donations by individuals. The group was extremely happy with Jolene Hundley’s Country Cookin’ catering, and individuals like guest former Kansas Governor John Carlin praised her smoked pork chops.

Discussion occurred about the problems with renting the Nemaha County Community Building (NCCB) and having it be a secured space for the day of the event, having a working microphone and appliances, unavailable and inconvenient handicap parking, and other issues for the price that is charged. Troy Melvin, maintenance for the NCCB, was effective and helpful. The group decided to seek other possible sites for such dinners in the future, which also is a result of The Willows closing.

Susan Bowman prepared the KS Ethics Commission report for Oct. 31, which showed costs for some political ads of State candidates; individuals paid for the ads of Federal House and Senate candidates, which is required by law as well as other members paid for state races’ ads, too. Another ethics commission report is due Jan. 10, 2023. Bowman has paid the 2023 dues for the county Democratic group to belong to the Kansas Caucus of Democratic Chairs (KC3) for which JoLene Bloom, Nemaha County Chair, is treasurer.

The Democrats are in need of candidates for both the KS House (No. 62) and the KS Senate (No. 1) for filing by June 1, 2024.

The group discussed what plans are needed to strengthen the number of voters in the county, encourage youth and young voters to register and participate, to increase monthly and yearly attendance at meetings and events, continue to find yards and fields for campaign signage, complete the list of precinct committee men and women for two year terms, volunteer for the election board as needed, and promote the basic tenets of the Democratic Party and our county’s mission statement in promoting issues and candidates and educating the public on issues to preserve our democracy.

An evaluation of the Oct. 19 dinner and thoughts of “meet and greets” for the 2024 election, as well as encouraging individuals to participate in city councils and school boards for the 2023 November election cycle. Attacks on individuals, city councils, schools and their employees, and libraries and their shelved materials seem more prevalent daily. Kansans and those in Nemaha County need to protect commissions and boards with open-minded, progressive actions and leaders who are not discriminatory and are not willing to sacrifice American freedoms for false, punitive, and inflammatory beliefs. The public should speak and defend their rights and their institutions that inform, educate, and care for the populations of our State, from senior citizens to youth.

Jeanna Repass, the recent Democratic candidate for Secretary of State, plans a state-wide tour to thank voters for supporting her. She is prepared to run for office again to provide openness, fairness and an ear to Kansans who are not pleased with the immorality, actions and processes of Kansas legislators and office holders who impede freedom and waste money on political and legal attacks, as well as challenge issues already in the law or that have been determined by a strong majority.

This election year was aided by many: those who allowed their properties for Democratic signs on issues and candidates, Cindy Rogers for the beautiful auctioned sunflower afghan, Larry Strathman, Bruce Larkin, and Steve Lukert for time and energies in posting political signs, the Seneca Free Library for use of the annex for our meetings, the election board workers and the County Clerk office personnel. 

We also recognize The Courier Tribune, who was open to printing different views on current issues without a cost so that readers could learn and wisely vote.

We appreciate Nemaha County citizens who donated money this year to candidates and us, attended our events, learned of issues prior to entering the voting booth, and ultimately voted. We appreciate every Nemaha County individual who respected the U.S. flag, the processes of democracy, and the current U. S. President and Kansas Governor — unlike those who disregarded the laws of elections, ignored appropriate voting apparel and demonstrated profane written or oral language while voting. These violations are class “C” misdemeanors with punishment of up to $500 and/or thirty (30) days in jail; anyone who observes these types of violations should call the local police when you see such behaviors while at a voting site.

If you are a registered Democrat or are considering changing your status and wish to participate in the Nemaha County Democrats, please attend our first meeting of 2023 on Saturday, Jan. 21, at the Seneca Free Library at Sixth and Main Streets. If you have questions or interest in our group, please contact JoLene Rae Bloom, NM County Democratic Chair, 412 North Ninth Street, Seneca 66538, 785-336-3641, to be placed on our email list.

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