Pardon our dust: we’re under new management!

Any family that can stick together through a house remodeling project can probably stick together through anything. Living inside a construction zone can tax our goodwill to its limits. The secret to surviving, and thriving, amid this chaos, is to choose to stay focused on the end goal: a beautifully remodeled home.

With that vision firmly in their sights, a stressed-out family can choose to forgive and forgive again; to remain together through the noise and the mess, of waking to the sounds of saws and hammers, and the never-ending parade of strangers stomping through the house – because the finished project will be worth it!

All of creation, including you and I, are in the midst of a glorious remodeling project that began around 2022 years ago. God so loved the world that He sent His Son, the master Carpenter, to bring forth the Kingdom of Heaven, to remake all of creation, and all human nature, in its original splendor and perfect design.

But creation has been under some really bad management over the thousands of years we’ve been here. We shouldn’t be surprised that this remodeling project of Creation is making a pretty big mess, because there’s a lot of old, failed systems that have to be torn out first. God wants us to remember: this mess is temporary, and the pain and inconvenience of the rebuilding will be quickly forgotten in the Light of the Kingdom!

If we lose sight of that end goal, we might begin to believe that our lives will be an endless repetition of stumbling through a dark and dirty construction zone. We might give in to fear, and start hating and fighting our brothers and sisters. We might blame others for our own part in causing the breakdown of the old systems too. And our Bible reading might become an empty exercise in searching for loopholes to those commandments about “loving our neighbor,” and even, “do not kill.”

The world wants us to focus only on the mess: to hide under the mountains of filthy, discarded construction debris and to lose sight of the end goal of the glorious New Creation, which is getting nearer to completion every hour. But just like a family must make the daily choice to stick together through that house remodeling project, we must make that daily choice to stick together as Creation is remade, even when we get on each other’s nerves, and we don’t see the world exactly the same way as our brother or sister.

The challenge is for you and I to remain faithful; to choose God together, to do small tasks with great love and to joyfully proclaim, “this mess is temporary – we are going to stick this out, because the finished project will all be worth it.”

Let the noise of this construction project be our wake-up call to choose Love, Light and Life, and to join with Jesus Christ in the healing of God’s world!

Come, Lord Jesus!


Shane Spangler7 Posts

Shane Spangler is a native of the Fairview area. He currently serves as pastor of the Fairview United Church of Christ, located at 311 South High Street in Fairview.


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