Nemaha County 4-H Achievement Night held

The Key Winners for the Nemaha County 4-H Achievement Night on Tuesday, November 22, are (L-R) Susannah Walker, Hillary Stallbaumer, Davis Rokey and Jonah Deters.
The Friend of 4-H award is given to Bryan Schmitz of Baileyville during the Nemaha County 4-H Achievement Night on Tuesday, November 22.


Submitted by Debra Henry

Nemaha County held their 2022 4-H Achievement Event on Tuesday, Nov. 22. Awards from the night are listed below.

Individual membership achievement pins

Membership: Bryce Weber, Evan Deters, Kelsey Weber, Lenny Koch, Avery Herrmann, Harper Dettwyler, Jace Dettwyler, Kelsey Herrmann, Melanie Schremmer, Tyler Herrmann, Ivy Heinen, Koch Heinen, Madison Ward, Carly Lueger, Wade Niehues, Lathan Kramer, Sawyer Edelman, Terryn Loveall, Camryn Sheley, Eve Kramer, Garret Niehues, Alyssa Griffith, Lindy Mosteller, William Edelman, Addie Sunnenberg, Alexis Ploeger, Ellie Wessel, Laura Goodman and Lily Sargent.

Bronze: Tenley Deters, Waylon Briggs, Benjamin Schultejans, Dean Farwell, Lillian Woolfolk, Nathan Smith, Will Macke, Callie Loveall, Ian Haverkamp, Jack Stallbaumer, Draidyn Mueting, Emma Stallbaumer, Kaydence Stallbaumer, Khloe Franklin, Quentin Talley and Hudson Beyer.

Clover: Ellie Burkitt, Gabe Deters, Paycen Schremmer, Corbin Haug, Wyatt Albrecht, Alyvia Sudbeck, Braden Macke, Jaci Olberding, Jack Macke, Simon Strathman, Wylee Bergman, Avery Lueger, Katelynn Lueger, Daniel Hemman, Claire Heinen, Jacob Stallbaumer, Keria Kramer, Leighton Kramer, Ethan Jost, Cecelia Becker, Laura Metzger and Myra Stoller.

Emerald: Karla Deters, Wyatt Koch, Grant Stapleton, Isaac Schmid, Avery Deters, Hunter Albrecht, Jack Tangeman, Paul Rottinghaus, Leah Schmelzle, Sawyer Edelman, Abbi Stallbaumer, Brooklyn Talley, Kaden Franklin and Abram Beyer.

Silver: Alex Burkitt, Kadence Buessing, Addy Farwell, Aiden Lang, Autumn Lang, Ava Edelman, Kenton Farwell, Sydney Aberle, Tristan Schmid, Kendal Bergman, Brecken Kramer, Harry Langill, Tate Edelman, Jayden Talley, Kyra Niehues, Anna Jost, Keelan Beyer, Luke Metzger, Madelyn Devore, Wyatt Fehr and Anastasia Walker.

Silver Guard: Alivia Lang, Mallorie Schultejans, Calie Deters, Cora Thompson, Caleb Strathman, Charlotte Rottinghaus, Harper Strathman, Logan Uphaus, Ali Jo Henry, Bob Langill, Sullivan Haverkamp, Kinzey Niehues, Kya Franklin and Mason Stallbaumer.

Leadership: Jyllian Stapleton, Laura Deters, Maggie Strathman, Maryssa Stallbaumer, Natalee Strathman, Zoey Haug, Vincent Deters, Isaac Heinen, Emma Henry, Kieryn Franklin, Lane Mosteller, Colby Stoller, Ella Sourk and Gwendolyn Walker.

Gold: Chloey Strathman, Addie Haverkamp, John Langill and Luke Renyer.

Gold Guard: Katie Tangeman, Ryan Uphaus, Dane Haverkamp and Isabelle Walker.

Project Winners

Kendall Bergman: Plant Science, Self-Determined, STEM;

Wylee Bergman: Plant Science, Self-Determined, STEM;

Abram Beyer: Visual Arts;

Keelan Beyer: Sell-Determined, Wood Science;

Waylon Briggs: Wood Science;

Alex Burkitt: Beef, Meat Goats;

Ellie Burkitt: Visual Arts;

Karla Deters: Foods;

Laura Edelman: Visual Arts;

William Edelman: Sheep, Visual Arts;

Addy Farwell: Fiber Arts, Foods;

Dean Farwell: STEM Ag-Mechanics;

Kya Franklin: Clothing;

Zoey Haug: Geology;

Addie Haverkamp: Beef, Citizenship, Foods, Horse;

Dane Haverkamp: Beef, Foods, Plant Science;

Ian Haverkamp: Beef, Dog;

Sullivan Haverkamp: Beef, Foods;

Roch Heinen: Health & Wellness;

Daniel Hemman: Energy Management;

Tim Hemman: Entomology;

Emma Henry: Fiber Arts;

Austin Jones: Fiber Arts;

Lenny Koch: Visual Arts;

Eve Kramer: Photography;

Brecken Kramer: Geology, Photography, Poultry, STEM;

Keira Kramer: Foods, Photography, Visual Arts, Wood Science;

Lathan Kramer: STEM, Swine;

Leighton Kramer: Foods;

Aiden Lang: Clothing;

Alivia Lang: Foods, Visual Arts;

Autumn Lang: Clothing;

Bob Langill: Dog, Leadership, Wildlife;

Cora Langill: Beef, Dairy, Dog, Pets, Photography, Swine, Visual Arts;

Harry Langill: Leadership, Swine;

John Langill: Beef, Dairy, Leadership;

Callie Loveall: Foods, Horse, Wildlife;

Terryn Lovell: Foods, Reading;

Katelynn Lueger: Photography;

Maddy Mosteller: Leadership, Photography, Rabbits, Swine;

Wade Niehues: Geology;

Jaci Olberding: Energy Management;

Luke Renyer: STEM – Ag Mechanics;

Davis Rokey: Clothing, Leadership;

Alex Rowland: Energy Management;

Tristan Schmid: Reading;

Melanie Schremmer: Bucket Calf, Citizenship, Foods, Photography;

Paycen Schremmer: Bucket Calf, Citizenship, Photography;

Ella Sourk: Beef, Leadership, Plant Science, Visual Arts;

Jack Stallbaumer: Meat Goats, Poultry, Wood Science;

Grant Stapleton: Foods, Wood Science;

Jyllian Stapleton: Foods, Meat Goats, Swine;

Colby Stoller: Horse, Poultry, STEM-Ag Mechanics, Swine, Wildlife;

Myra Stoller: Fiber Arts, Rabbits;

Chloey Strathman: Sheep;

Natalee Strathman: Sheep;

Katie Tangeman: Photography;

Ryan Uphaus: Foods, Leadership, Photography, STEM, Visual Arts.

Other Awards

Top Reporter book is awarded to: Stateliners, Lane Mosteller.

Top Secretary book is awarded to: Stateliners, Maddy Mosteller.

Top Historian Book is awarded to: Pony Express, Cora Langill.

The 4-H Rookie of Year Award is designed to recognize first year 4-Hers regardless of their age. This award recognizes project work completed by the 4-Her during the past year as determined by their 4-H record book evaluation. Winners are Lindy Mosteller, Stateliners; Latham Kramer, Pony Express; Eve Kramer, Red Rustlers; and Wade Niehues, Kelly Twilighters.

Top Record Book winners are chosen based on the book for the current year. They have filled out all records for the projects they are enrolled in, wrote a story for each project as well as their permanent record, 4-H story and included photos. Senior winners are Addie Haverkamp, Pony Express; Dane Haverkamp, Pony Express; Bob Langill, Pony Express; John Langill, Pony Express; and Maddy Mosteller, Stateliners

Intermediate winners are Kendal Bergman, HHHH; Brecken Kramer, Pony Express; Keira Kramer, Red Rustlers; Sullivan Haverkamp, Pony Express; Paycen Schremmer, Busy Jayhawkers; Ella Sourk, Woodlawn Meadowlarks; and Coby Stoller, Woodlawn Meadowlarks.

Junior: Ellie Burkitt, Achievers; Ian Haverkamp, Pony Express; Callie Loveall, Pony Express; Jack Stallbaumer, Pony Express; and Myra Stoller, Woodlawn Meadowlarks.

The Kansas 4-H Key Award is a program of distinction. Since 1952, this award has been presented to only the finest 4-H Members in recognition of outstanding achievement. It is reserved for approximately the top one percent of the total 4-H Membership in Kansas. The Frontier Farm Credit Associations of Kansas are pleased to partner with Kansas 4-H and the Kansas 4-H Foundation to honor you for your dedication and positive values. 2022 Winners are Jonah Deters, HHHH; Davis Rokey, Busy Jayhawkers; Hillary Stallbaumer, Achievers; and Susannah Walker, Woodlawn Meadowlarks.

The Friend of 4-H award is all about 4-H. There are many things that come to mind. Selfless service, contribution, dedication, caring and sharing to the 4-H program and 4-Hers individually all come up. The 2022 Friend of 4-H award recipient is an example of all of these things, which is a big reason why he has been chosen for this award. This year’s winner is Bryan Schmitz of Baileyville.

The Pony Express 4-H Club is the winner of the Mary Sourk Club of Excellence Winner. This award is based on the belief of former Community Club leader, Sourk, of the Goff Rustlers 4-H Club. Sourk felt that a strong club work ethic made strong well-rounded 4-H members and citizens. Her family concurs and has based this award on those activities, which Sourk felt were most indicative of a 4-H club of excellence.

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