Governing Body: Morrill City Council

Submitted by Linda Hill

The Morrill City Council met in regular session on Monday, Nov. 7, with members Linda Wymer, Gage Becker, Griffen Huning, Duane Perry and Chad Youde present. Mayor Ken Beckner presiding. Superintendent Lee Wymer was present. Visitor present was Charlie Gruber.

Minutes and vouchers were approved by the council.

Fire Chief Charlie Gruber stated that the Fire Department would like to replace one of their trucks. The truck is old with numerous repairs needed. After discussion, the council agreed to allow the Firemen to purchase a different truck spending up to $90,000.

After discussion for the curbing replacement bid, it was decided to look into the CDBG grant that will be available.

The health insurance plan was reviewed and approved

The council agreed to cancel check No. 11295, for the amount of $9.23, dated March 1, 2022, and replace it.

The council authorized Mayor Beckner to negotiate with the bank and to sign the loan papers for the new substation.

Due to J.R. Isch voicing concerns of his electrical service, Superintendent Wymer stated he had purchased new electric meters and needed guidance of what to do. The council stated all the elevator assets had been sold to the City and Superintendent Wymer should proceed. It was stated Kent Grimm should be contacted to determine exactly what portion of land he will be turning over to the City so it could be surveyed.

Mayor Beckner stated he had received numerous calls with a person leaving messages concerning dogs running loose. He said he had tried to make contact with the person but was unable to. Mentioned was the owner should reinforce his fence to stop the dogs from getting out.

No interest was voiced concerning a grant for a charging station for electric vehicles.

Linda Wymer stated an individual is looking for internet providers in the area. Mentioned was Century Link and Kansas Broad Band.


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