Checkers building to be razed

The Fairview City Council met at 6 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 5, at the Fairview Community Center. In attendance were Mayor Art Vonderschmidt, City Council members Doug Bletscher, Steve Holthaus, Bridget Harvey, Sierra Renner and Charlie Kramer, City Clerk Christine Rosenberger, City Treasurer Kim Rettele, Code Enforcement Officer Ashley Martinez, Community Center Manager Joann Keim, and City Maintenance employee George Blanton. There were no guests present. The meeting was called to order by Vonderschmidt.

In old business, Vonderschmidt reported to the council that he had been in contact with three companies concerning the demolition of the east half of the Checkers building in downtown Fairview. None of the companies had reached out to Vonderschmidt in response to the request. Vonderschmidt contacted Madget Demolition of St. Joseph concerning the demolition project and, upon inspection from Madget, received an estimate of approximately $20,000 to complete the project.

Discussion was then held on whether to totally raze the building or to leave a false front on the building for the sake of appearance. Holthaus motioned to completely raze the structure for safety and future maintenance concerns. The board agreed to completely demolish the structure. City Clerk Rosenberger will draft a request to Madget Demolition to submit a formal estimate with the proper paperwork to the council for approval of the project.

Also at the meeting:

The minutes from the December meeting were reviewed and after one correction, the council approved the minutes.

The council approved the treasurer report for the past month.

The council approved the payment of the bills currently due for the city to be paid.

Martinez reported that two dogs were removed from the city and taken to the Brown County Humane Society for care and possible adoption.

Vonderschmidt presented a request to the council from the League of Municipalities for the city to join the membership and payment of dues. After discussion, the board agreed to abstain from joining. The meeting was adjourned.

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