Bern City Council

Submitted by Yvonne Krehbiel, City Clerk

A partial Bern City Council met Tuesday, Jan. 10, at the community building. In attendance were Mayor Dallas Wood, council members Carla Meyer and Dick Koehne, water department manager Rob Myers, treasurer Bill Sheik, and clerk Yvonne Krehbiel. No quorum was present.

Minutes of the December meeting were reviewed.

In the water report, Myers said he has shown Sabetha where two sewer manhole pits need to be raised to grade north of 518 Jilson. Pinnacle was notified they won the bid for installing a stand-alone generator for the water system. “American Recovery Funds” (COVID relief) will cover a vast majority of the cost of the project. Pinnacle will proceed.

Myers changed an Ephos drum and is careful to keep fresh product by using in rotation. During the cold snap, he thawed a frozen meter at a residence. No damage was done. Myers tests the chlorine level in our water daily, and made adjustment as needed to stay within state established parameters. Some maintenance during the month included locating a leak in the chlorination system in one well house, as well as taking and shipping samples for routine as well as annual water analysis.

Water levels in the three city wells have trended lower during the recent three years. Well No. 5 is currently running 12 gallons per minute (GPM). The depth to water could not be determined. Well No. 4 currently has a depth to water of 101 feet, which is a slight improvement from recent readings. It pumps 11-1/2 GPM. Well No. 6 currently has a depth to water of 106 feet, and runs 10 GPM at this time. Last month, Alphia used less than half a million gallons, which has helped our water levels.

Wastewater report included correspondence from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment indicating the system is not out of compliance. However, maintenance including fencing and vegetation control are essential. The first test for fourth quarter of 2022 included a ridiculous reading for Total Suspended Solids (TSS). The retest was worth it, since TSS is now well within parameters for the quarter.

Community building report is good. Furnace was repaired, and we express a great appreciation to our volunteers who put in much time and energy to keep the building from freezing during the cold snap when one furnace went down.

Financial report was reviewed.

Nuisance vehicle letters will be sent again.

Bills were presented and will be paid.

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