Morrill City Council 2.6.2023

Submitted by Linda Hill, City Clerk

The Morrill City Council met in regular session on Monday, Feb. 6, with members Duane Perry, Griffen Huning, Chad Youde, Gage Becker, and Linda Wymer present. Mayor Ken Beckner presiding and Superintendent Lee Wymer was present.

No visitors were present.

The council approved the minutes of their Jan. 2 meeting

The council approved the vouchers.

The clerk stated the city was not approved to apply for the Grid Resilience Grant for the new substation. There is another grant coming available this month that the city might be able to apply for.

The clerk stated Evergy had made an error on the city’s electric bill monthly since March of last year. They have corrected the error and will be putting the amount owed on the next bill. It was stated the error will be applied to all the city’s customers bills within the electric adjustment.

After discussion, the council approved to cancel and reissue check number 11511 payable to Evergy, dated Aug. 15, 2022, for $ 13,091.03.

It was decided to talk with Scott Anson about filling the municipal judge position.

Superintendent Wymer stated the City of Sabetha had contacted him requesting his help to move power lines to allow Sabetha to move a building taking approximately one day. It was decided he can assist them.

Superintendent Wymer stated he would like to get electrical poles of different lengths and several different size transformers. The council instructed him to get prices to present at the next council meeting.

The clerk stated with the Fire Department purchasing the new truck, they had to borrow from the Capital Outlay Fund and will have to pay it back causing their budget to be depleted. The council approved to contact Julie Bauman to have their 2023 budget increased by $35,000.

Discussed was procedures for issuing citations for property code violations. It was decided to get a municipal judge appointed and then proceed with the citations.

The next scheduled meeting will be held Monday, April 3.

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