Bern City Council 3.14.2023

Submitted by Yvonne Krehbiel

Bern City Council met in regular session on Tuesday, March 14. In attendance were Mayor Dallas Wood, council member Dick Koehne, Nathan Streit, Whitney Wilson via phone, water department manager Rob Myers, treasurer Bill Sheik, clerk Yvonne Krehbiel, guest Randy Summers and SBS Insurance representative Pat Sheik.

The council read and approved the minutes from the February meeting.

P. Sheik of SBS Insurance presented the premium for the year beginning April 1. Of course building values have risen, so premiums must also increase. The total is $18,928. The community building and library will be charged for their portions. One pump house was hit by lightning last July, and the claim is now complete.

Myers discussed some of the issues he dealt with during the month, including a frozen meter and broken pipe on the residential side of the meter. Myer rotates products between the pump houses to maintain freshness. Kansas Rural Water Association puts on a conference each year in late March, which Myer will attend. The Rural Water District paid for all of Myer’s conference last year and will again this year. Perhaps the city will pay every third year. No action was taken.

The wastewater line running from Alphia to the industrial pretreatment system has given trouble in past years, so the line needs to be cleaned out each spring before crops are planted. It is possible that burning will take care of invasive cat tails at the lagoon. Fencing needs repair, and will be discussed when it is warmer.

Community building and city financial reports were reviewed. This year, three council member terms are coming up for election. The seats are currently held by Streit, Carla Meyer and Tim Miller.

Mowing bids were opened and approved to award bids to Philip Anson for the water tower and Well Number Six for $85 per mowing, Marcus Anson for the lagoon area at $190, to Haley Wood for the park and ballcourt at $150, and the ball field to Dallas Wood for $150, following a coin flip because another bid was tied.

The council approved to pay the bills as presented.

The council was informed that Chase Korber has begun work on his senior project of improving the Ray Baumgartner ball field sign.

The next meeting will be held at 7 p.m. Tuesday, April 11.

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