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Submitted by JoLene Bloom

The Nemaha County Democrats met on Saturday, March 18, at the Seneca Public Library with the discussions primarily based in four activities to occur this year. The next meeting will be at 10 a.m. Saturday, April 15, at the Seneca Library Annex.

Reports of reorganization and Washington Days for Democrats was reviewed: Jenna Repass of Johnson County is the new State Chair of the Kansas Democratic Party. A new executive director is being hired in the coming month as Repass and the current KDP staff is examining present hiring patterns for positions and the altering of responsibilities to meet current needs. Alana Cloutier of Allen County is the Second District Chair for a second term, and Deann Mitchell, Johnson County, is the new KC3 chair of Kansas Democratic County Chairs.

The group made tentative plans for a public visit by Governor Laura Kelly in early June after the wrap-up session of the 2023 legislative session. The site and date will be decided in the near future with a location of 100-plus occupancy and a sound system is needed. Every aspect of the county will be invited: federal, state, county, and city personnel and elected individuals, school boards and all school employees as well as students, hospital and care staffs, businesses, and the public in general.

The Governor will speak and individuals will have the opportunity to ask questions and hear her concerns for the remaining three years of her administration. The Nemaha County Community Building in Seneca will not be used as the commissioners are unwilling to waive the rental for the event. The county Democrats are seeking other potential locations for her visit. She has not been in the county since June 2019 when she appeared in Seneca, hosted by the Nemaha County Democrats.

Secondly, the group discussed how to encourage citizens to be involved in the topics in the legislature which are targeting youth, public schools, transgender individuals, as well as continually hammering away at the rights of women and families with reproductive issues even though the Aug. 2 “No” and the Nov. 8 retention of Supreme Court judges in the elections clearly represented Kansans as Pro-choice in retaining rights of women in the Kansas Constitution.

Those that are up for re-election to city councils and schools board positions were discussed, as well as the future of Wetmore youth in school locale attendance. Our group needs to encourage youth and non-registered voters to participate more in the election process as well as to impact Garber and Pyle, as elected officials, since they do not respond to phone calls, emails, or the USPS mail. Garber recently mailed newsletters that were dated June 2022, and Pyle states in his email auto response that he does not manage his emails due to time restraints during a session.

Rep. Garber, District 62, and State School Board member Danny Zeck from Leavenworth are appearing twice in Nemaha County on Saturday, March 25, to listen to voters; 8 a.m. at Seneca Knights of Columbus on First Street and 10 a.m. at the Sabetha Public Library. 

Thirdly, the Nemaha Democrats plan a dinner on Oct. 18 to host CD2 House of Representative Democratic candidate Eli Woody, an educator in Topeka, and any other announced 2024 primary or general election candidates. Woody is participating in listening meet and greets in the Second District in preparation for opposing Jake Laturner or whoever files for the Republican ticket for Congress. All Kansas House and Senate seats as well as the Presidency will be on the ticket in 2024.

JoLene Bloom, County Democratic Chair, recently wrote two grants for funds for activities that would begin in 2023 and continue into the election of 2024. These grants would require training and participation locally to engage Democrats, to encourage general voter registration, and to seek candidates and work to get them elected. One is financed by the Kansas Caucus of Democratic County Chairs (KC3), and the other is new and offered by Power Lab. The grants will be determined by the end of March, so that this year’s activities into 2024 can be begin.

The Nemaha County Democrats are seeking a reasonably priced location for dinners and candidates’ events as well as a local caterer for Oct. 18, and two dinners in June and October of 2024. We regret that Jolene Henry Hundley has hung up her apron of Country Cookin’ as she provided tasty, timely and appreciated cuisine for our events.

Remember, if you have changed names or moved since you last voted, you need to re-register at or the court house in clerk’s office. If you are choosing to run for an office for city or school board, June 1 at noon is the deadline for June 2023.

If an individual wants more information about registering at, becoming involved in Nemaha County Democrats, or needs information in participating with elected officials, contact JoLene Rae Bloom, Nemaha County Democrats, 412 North Ninth Street, Seneca, 66538 or, 785-336-3641.

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