Dear Editor,

Our government is a democracy which guarantees equality of rights, opportunity, and treatment. Mr. Shinn declares that individuals or a political party that encourages federal and state financial support for the benefit of citizens is wrong and unnecessary. As a Seneca city council member, from what Seneca pockets is Shinn financing the entirety of the repair of Seneca streets? Ironically, promoting “our past election” (2020) as “evil” and a mistake with Biden’s victory, while ignoring the election (2016) of a bigot, adulterer, liar, and suspected multiple violator of laws, and soon-to-be-indicted President, Shinn praises conservative Republicans who do not want interference of government at local levels and implies that Democrats are not moral, ethical people who can represent Americans effectively. Excuse me; I don’t want the anarchists and prevaricating likes of Trump, DeSantis, Santos, Green, Gaetz, Kobach, Masterson, FOX News, et. al., making decisions or presenting propaganda that affects my community and me. I will take Biden’s moral, national, historical, community, and religious personae any day. Shinn attacked my desire of COLA increases from my KPERS; thanks, “neighbor,” for your antagonistic response. Since 1776, our government institutions have provided for the welfare of citizens with highways, waterways, and railroads for transport of goods; safety standards for food, manufactured products, medicines, tobacco, alcohol, natural resources, air, water, and soil; judicial, fire, natural disasters, and law enforcement protection; and education, medical care, employment, and social welfare benefits. Interference, or a caring democracy? KPERS retirees have not received an increase in benefits for twenty years—FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Not Biden’s fault, not Kelly’s fault — my request of the legislature. If, as Shinn believes, my desiring a COLA increase of my paid-in retirement benefit is inappropriate, will Shinn and his conservatives refuse their annual COLA’s in Social Security computations? I think not.

JoLene Rae Bloom, Seneca

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