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125 Years

Thursday, May 26, 1898

Charles Calnan, the heavy-weight editor of the Fairview Courier, and Henry Calnan, the Horace Greely of Powhattan, were transacting business in Sabetha Monday.

We will pay a salary of $15 per week and expenses for a man with rig to introduce our poultry Mixture and insect Destroyer in the country. Ref. required. Address, with stamp, Perfection Mfg., Co., Parsons, Kan.

Mrs. Hannah Whinery and daughter, Miss Rhoda, returned to their home at Winona, Ohio, last Monday, after a short visit with their cousin, Mrs. L. J. Thomas. They belong to the Society of Friends, and Mrs. Thomas reports that they are very strict adherents to their religion.

Lightning struck the Baptist church at Wetmore, one night last week, and the Spectator says the largest congregation at the church for many a day was there next morning.

100 Years

Thursday, May 24, 1923

A Sabetha woman on a rural route telephone line was endeavoring to make herself heard in Sabetha. Everyone on her line took down her receiver. She could not make herself understood in Sabetha because of the interference, thru all telephones listening in. Finally she said, “Say all you listeners, won’t you please hang up your receivers? All I want to say is to order a sunbonnet.”

Sun Springs Opening. Sun Springs lived up to its name and reputation with an opening day of brilliant sunshine flooding the green trees and greener grass with grateful warmth. Sun Springs plays in luck is there nothing in a name after all? Don’t you believe it. No one had the least doubt about the weather’s actions Sunday for Sun’s opening. Why shouldn’t Old Sol shine his prettiest for his namesake? He did. The grounds were filled early by picnickers. The tables were all occupied. The park was beautiful as always. Swings were filled with happy children, even white dresses and blue sashes made their first annual appearance.

Bring Back Your Milk Bottles. Mrs. E. J. Bearg says something will have to be done to customers who do not return milk bottles. It has reached a stage when milk cannot be supplied unless bottles are returned. Return your bottles each day and save the penalty made by dealers down town of charging for bottles until they are returned.

75 Years

Wednesday, May 26, 1948

Another switchboard section has been installed at the telephone office to furnish improved service to Sabetha telephone users it was announced today by Forrest Chapman manager for the Southwestern Bell Telephone Company. The new section will enable another operator to handle local calls and speeding telephone service, Chapman said. “The extra switchboard also will make it possible to connect another 100 telephones into service when they are needed,” Chapman said. “So far we have been able to keep up with the demand in Sabetha pretty well, but with the new equipment there will be room for future expansion.” The new switchboard was placed into service last Saturday.

Sam Cook returned Monday from Oklahoma City where with 2500 other Ford dealers of the middle west, he saw a preview models of the new 1949 Ford, which will be on display at the Cook-Jones Motor Co. in Sabetha June 18. Sam was not only bubbling over with enthusiasm about the new car but came back wearing a cowboy hat and a canary neckerchief, with a foot-long cigar sticking out of his pocket. “The new Ford is all new,” says Sam, “and it’ll knock you hat off.” With this he pulls the ten-gallon affair tighter on his head. Sam says Ford production is holding its own, and is expected to be slightly higher after the new models get to rolling.

The coyote pup season seems to be passing–at least fewer scalps are being brought to the office of County Clerk O. J. Ward for bounty collection. Recent collections were by Eugene Lackey on 2 scalps,; Mrs. Dan Dreher, 4; Edwin Streit, 2; Don and Melvin Hasenkamp, 11; Benedict Steinlage, 3.

Technician 4th Grade Glen F. Schober of Centralia, is another of the honored war dead of Nemaha county whose body will soon be brought home for burial. The Quartermaster depot at Kansas City advises that Technician Schober’s body will be on the U. S. army transport Albert M. Boe, which arrived in San Francisco last week after a voyage bringing war dead from the Pacific Islands. The body will be brought to the distribution center at Kansas City and it is expected it will be from two to three weeks from time of arrival of the transport before the distribution center can begin escorting the bodies to their home destinations. Some delay may be expected from that time, because all the bodies cannot be escorted at once. When the body of Sgt. Frank Schafer was brought home for instance, Sgt Brame, who accompanied the remains here, said it was his 15th trip.

50 Years

Thursday, May 24, 1973

About 150 Farmers Union wives from seven midwestern states converged on Washington last week as the first part of a two-week “Women In Action Fly In” on farm problems. The women were from North and South Dakota, Kansas, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Texas and Colorado. Mrs. Water E. Meyer of Sabetha was a part of the 20 women delegation from Kansas. The group arrived in the nation’s capital Monday evening and spent Tuesday in a briefing session conducted by Farmers Union staff Wednesday and Thursday were spent on Capitol Hill with the women breaking up in 3-womens teams with each from a different state to visit Congressmen and Senators.

Any new bridge constructed over the Missouri River in St. Joseph will have its east end tied down closely to the present Missouri exit and entry of the Pony Express Bridge, John D. NcNeal declared Friday. Speaking to directors of the Automobile Club of St. Joseph and their guests at a luncheon at Hotel Robidoux, the Kansas state engineer pointed out existing Missouri highway construction made such planning necessary. And if all goes well and Missouri and Kansas succeed in a co-operative effort to construct a four lane bridge, completion cannot be expected until the early 1980s.

“Rent-A-Kid” time is upon us again. Past years have shown heavy “kid” participation, but alas, and alack, a dearth of perspective employers. What is “Rent-A-Kid” anyway? Simple. At every NEK-CAP Community Action Center a register is maintained of the names of kids who want odd jobs, part-time jobs during the summer. They can be from cutting grass to cleaning out an attic, basement or garage, painting, car washing – anything that you want done that you don’t particularly want to do. It can be for an hour, a day or a week.

Although the skies turned dark Monday evening and there were some storm warning out, the area received only a small amount of rain. Farmers would welcome a little moisture to soften the fields and make the ground more workable, as they attempt to make up for the late spring start.

25 Years

Wednesday, May 27, 1998

“Comfort Critters” donated to hospital. Like most youngsters, the children in Sissy Krehbiel’s Christian Activity Time Club have been hoarding their spare change to buy Beanie Babies. Since last August, they have collectively raised enough money to purchase more than 20 of the cuddly, collectible animals that have become such an obsession with so many children. But unlike other children, the kids in Krehbiel’s class have been donating their Beanie Babies to the Sabetha Community Hospital. The hospital then passes the gift on to other young children being admitted into the emergency room as a “Comfort Critter.”

Graduation brings family across oceans, continents. As Rachel Prestwood passed through the graduation procession line, she followed Sabetha tradition and presented a red rose to her mother, Cindy. But she also carried a rose for another very special woman in her life, her grandmother, or Po-Po, who had traveled all the way form Hong Kong, across oceans and continents to see her first granddaughter graduate from high school. Two of Rachel’s aunts, Too-Lan and Miu-Yee, also made the trip.

10 Years

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Sabetha High School golf team holds the State Championship trophy after winning first place at 3A State Golf on Monday, May 20. Pictured (L-R) are Head Coach Randy Hall, Brock Frey, Darrin Wenger, Tyler Ulrich, Nolan Keim, Derek Halls and Kevan Herbster. The Bluejays finished with a team score of 336 to clinch the title. Senior Nolan Keim placed ninth overall, and junior Tyler Ulrich tied for 12th.

At the invitation of Kansas Governor Sam Brownback, seniors Megan Plattner of Sabetha High School and Jordan Evans of Wetmore High School were selected to attend the 30th Annual Governor’s Scholars Awards Program on May 5 in Topeka. The recognition ceremony honors the top academic one percent of Kansas high school seniors. Scholars are selected from accredited public and private schools in the state.

A Sabetha High School science teacher recently has been elected vice president of the Kansas Association of Teachers of Science. Brian Cole was elected as vice president at the KATS annual meeting on April 20, 2013. This is a four-year term, which involves Cole serving as vice president in year one, president-elect in year two, president in year three, and past president in year four. During that time, Cole will have various responsibilities within the organization.

Former baseball pro Ken Berry, center, now a children’s author, visits Sabetha Elementary School Friday, May 17, and reads from his Apples and Animals series to the students in grades kindergarten through third grade. Berry is reading “X. L. Elephant (Secret Agent),” the story of two crime fighting partners who keep the jungle of Africa safe, to the first-grade students, with assistant from media specialist Marcia Bauerle, left, and first-grade teacher Susan Leiker, right.


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