Budget hearing set for September 7

The Fairview City Council met at 7 p.m. Tuesday, June 27, at the Fairview Community Center. Present for the meeting were Mayor Art Vonderschmidt, Council members Bridget Harvey, Charlie Kramer, Sierra Renner and Doug Bletscher, Community Center Manager Joann Keim, Secretary Christine Rosenberger, City Treasurer Kim Rettele, and City Employee George Blanton. Also present was Joel Bacon for a portion of the meeting.

Vonderschmidt addressed Bacon about the trailer houses the city approved him putting up at the February meeting. According to the council, the trailer houses have been sitting vacant for a few months.

Bacon said that all three properties are rented already. However, Bacon said he has been trying to get power and gas to them, but he is waiting on the utility companies. Bacon also said he is still waiting on the third trailer to be put into place, but they might have to buy a new trailer for that lot if they can’t get the other one in.

Vonderschmidt said they didn’t have a completion date set, but the council was just looking for an update on the project because they were “concerned” about it.

Rettele said the city’s budget is done and the public hearing has been set for 7 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 7, at the Fairview Community Building. The Fairview City Council anticipates approving the budget following the public hearing. Rettele said the budget’s mill levy is 7.01. See the legal notice in last week’s Herald on Page 6.

Old Business

Vonderschmidt provided the council with an update on the old Checkers building. Vonderschmidt said the north wall of the west building is done. He also said the spray foamed walls still need some flashing taken off of them. Vonderschmidt said Ricky Deluna — the contractor — is going to get that done so the spray foaming can be completed.

Vonderschmidt said the doorway will be framed in with new wood. Then, the council discussed putting a door in the doorway that faces Main Street. Bletscher said he didn’t feel like they needed to spend the money on a door for the front of the building if the back of the building was completely open. Renner asked if Vonderschmidt was trying to make the front of the building more aesthetically pleasing and he said, “yes, that is what he was going for.” No decision was made on the door at this time.

Vonderschmidt told the council the HEAL Grant was denied.

The council discussed updating the city ordinance book that was discussed at the June 1 meeting. The council members said they didn’t receive any attachments in the email sent to them, so they didn’t have a chance to review it prior to the meeting. After discussion, the council decided to table this topic until the next meeting after they had all looked it over.

Kramer asked for an update on the abandoned properties question, which was asked at the June 1 meeting. Rosenberger said they have to wait for the ordinances. Kramer also asked if code officer Ashley Martinez had spoken to one city resident about feeding cats around town.

Then, Kramer asked for clarification about the sewer rate increase. The council confirmed that unless a residential property went over 5,000 gallons per month in usage, the resident’s bill would not increase. During the June 1 meeting, the council discussed how each residence averages approximately 3,000 gallons per month usage.

Vonderschmidt said the additional truck parking at Bert’s Express has been put on hold due to the State of Kansas requiring an engineer to review the project. Then, Vonderschmidt asked the council for a motion to extend Keim’s sales tax exemption until the end of 2023. Following discussion, the council approved extending the sales tax exemption until the end of the year.

New Business

Harvey said she had a family ask her about adding “Children Playing” signs on Front Street.

Vonderschmidt said there was more trash being dumped down at the city’s brush pile.

Blanton said he needs to change the oil in the lawn mower again.

The council tabled the discussion about vacating part of Second Street until the Thursday, Aug. 3, meeting. The council approved setting the public hearing for next month’s meeting. See the public notice on Page 5 of this week’s Herald.

Keim reported that FCDA refunded all of the money for the sidewalk, refrigerator, battery and block heater.

Also at the meeting:

The council reviewed and approved the following: minutes from the Thursday, June 1, meeting; the treasurer’s report; and the bills to pay.

The Fairview City Council will meet again at 7 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 3, at the Fairview Community Building.


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