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Reggie Haynie is the proud owner and chef of Gourmet Gatherings and her event space at The Parlor.

Like so many others, when Reggie Haynie graduated from high school, she was undecided about her future, but one thing was certain: she had a deep love for cooking and insatiable appetite to learn more. Fueled by this culinary passion, she stepped out of her comfort zone, and moved nine hours away to attend culinary school.

After gaining valuable experience as a chef, a golden opportunity presented itself. Reggie’s brother Brendon Garrett and friend Ben Koch had a newly renovated building for sale. Sparked by enthusiasm and a shared determination to transform this newly renovated space into something special, Reggie, with the help of her brother, were inspired to create Gourmet Gatherings and The Parlor.

“After my brother Brendon and Ben Koch put their renovated building up for sale, it got my wheels turning. While at work, Brendon and I would bounce around ideas of what kind of business we could put in there,” Reggie said. “After a month or two, the building hadn’t sold, so we really got to talking about opening a catering business and event space. We kept talking about the logistics and made an entire presentation about it and presented it to our dad. After that, we got him on board and we hit the ground running.”

Where Elegance Meets History

The Parlor — located at 123 S. Washington Street — is more than just an event space, it’s a slice of historic nostalgia.

The Parlor was previously occupied by NAPA Auto Parts from Sept 12, 1975, until they relocated to their new building on Old Highway 75 in April 2020. As expected, after nearly 45 years of business there, it bears the signs of its long occupation.

The Parlor is decorated with items from Reggie’s grandparents’ home, as well as other special items to give it a homey feel.

“My favorite part about The Parlor are the floors — the oil spills are stained in the wood and it gives it so much character and really tells the story of the building,” Reggie said.

Brendon Garrett and Ben Koch invested significant time and energy in renovating the old shop to suit any small business, with the foresight that someone would utilize the space. Little did Brendon know it would be his youngest sister who would eventually move into the building — they were able to complete the renovation to suit Reggie’s needs beautifully.

“In my opinion, it is just the most beautiful building,” Reggie said. “Brendon and Ben did an amazing job restoring the original hardwood floors and the original tin ceiling.”

With seating for up to 80 people and a cozy lounge area, The Parlor is a gem in the heart of downtown Sabetha. Clientele who rent the space are given full access to the licensed kitchen, complete with all the essentials for cooking. To add a touch of warmth and nostalgia, items from their grandparents’ home have been incorporated into the décor.

“Our goal with The Parlor was to make it feel homey with a more ‘residential’ kitchen, items from our grandparents’ home, and special touches to make people feel welcome,” Reggie said.

The name itself— The Parlor — carries sentimental value as it is inspired by the ice cream shop and bakery owned by Reggie’s late grandpa, Gene Garrett. The Patio Pastry Parlor — as it was named — opened Friday, April 9, 1976, and was located at 1014 Main Street in Sabetha, which is currently the Mishler and Sunderland Law Offices.

Where Passion meets flavor

Gourmet Gatherings is a catering service where the flavors are as warm and inviting as the family and staff behind it all. Based in The Parlor, Reggie’s licensed kitchen serves as the hub for crafting delectable dishes. Gourmet Gatherings offers a nice buffet menu of tantalizing options as well as private chef experiences.

Shannon Garrett, left, and Reggie Haynie, right, prepare delicious seasoned potatoes for an upcoming event at The Parlor.

“We built a licensed kitchen in The Parlor, so we do catered events there and off site as well,” Reggie said. “We have a wide range of services that we provide. A private chef experience where I go into the home of the client and cook a gourmet dinner for around 12 people. We have a nice buffet menu, a smoker menu, appetizer menu, gourmet dinner menus and of course a dessert menu!”

Gourmet Gatherings caters to a wide range of clients — including, but not limited to — anniversary parties, company lunch and learns, bridal prep parties, and weddings.

“Our family has always loved entertaining and cooking, so we are trying to have Gourmet Gatherings be a reflection of that,” Reggie said.

Another exciting treat that Reggie has in store for fellow foodies is Cooking Classes. She recently conducted a trial run with a small group, and as a result, she is looking forward to launching classes soon. Participants not only get to enjoy hands-on cooking, but will also have the opportunity to take home their delicious dishes and the accompanying recipes.

“I love all things homemade — pasta and sauces — so that will be the first couple of classes!” Reggie said. “I plan to have them be hands-on with everyone making their own pasta, and watching me/helping make a sauce. Then, we will all sit down and eat family-style after the class is done.”

A dessert bar is displayed with delectable cupcakes and satisfying fruit cups for an event at The Parlor, created by Gourmet Gatherings.

In the world of events and catering, success is often a team effort and Reggie is fortunate to have a great support system of family and staff behind her.

“I have an amazing staff and I couldn’t do it without them! I have a few people helping me prep and a good list of people that I call when I need help serving and doing everything at the time of my events,” Reggie said. “My husband [Hunter Haynie] and parents [Doug and Shannon Garrett] are a HUGE help when I get in a bind — couldn’t do it without their help and support, either!”

Culinary Journey and Beyond

Reggie’s journey into the culinary arts began after graduating from Sabetha High School. She then moved to Boulder, Colo., where she attended Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts. The program spanned 18 months and covered a diverse range of culinary arts, from the basics to pastry arts and more.

“We learned the basics, world cuisines, food/restaurant math, restaurant operations, farm to table, pastry arts and more,” Reggie said. “They did a great job of teaching a little bit of everything.”

Reggie completed her schooling with an internship at The Restaurant at 1900 in Kansas City, explaining that she worked on the pasta line and that was where her “love grew deeper for making pasta!”

Toward the end of 2020, Reggie moved back to her roots in Sabetha and became a sous chef at Brick Street and then the head chef, until September 2022 when she decided to join the family grocery business at Country Mart.

A Family and a Future

Reggie was born and raised in Sabetha, and this is where her love for food began. She graduated from Sabetha High School in 2019, then pursued her culinary education, graduating from Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts in December 2020. In June of 2022, she married her high school sweetheart Hunter Haynie, and together they have set down roots here, sharing their home with their faithful dog, Mac. In addition to running Gourmet Gatherings and The Parlor, Reggie can still be found at Country Mart in the bakery or working the register.

Get Ready to Indulge

If you’re eager to explore Gourmet Gatherings culinary delights or book The Parlor for your special event, you can send a message via Facebook @Gourmet Gatherings or @The Parlor, send an email to gourmetgatheringscater@gmail.com, or call at 785-285-1245.

Sabetha has ultimately gained a top-tier catering service and a unique space with historical charm, not to mention, a passionate and talented chef dedicated to making every event unforgettable. Gourmet Gatherings and The Parlor are proof that with a pinch of inspiration, a dash of family support, and a big serving of love for food, passions can become delicious realities.

Gourmet Gatherings sets out these scrumptious chicken salad sandwiches to serve at the Parlor.
Reggie Haynie makes her Papa Gene’s famous pound cake catered by Gourmet Gatherings.
Strawberry Brie Basil Bites, Fruit Tarts and Jalapeño Popper Dip with crackers are irresistible treats for Gourmet Gatherings’ clients.
A beautifully plated dessert created by Reggie Haynie.

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