Memories 09.27.2023

125 Years

Thursday, September 29, 1898

Strayed or Stolen. Black mare 4 years old, blazed face, white hind legs, sore on left jaw, from being trephined. Suitable reward for her return or information leading to her recovery.

Cattle for Sale. Anybody wanting cattle, call on T. M. Strahm, Berwick, Kansas. He has from three to four car loads of stockers and feeders on hand all the time, and will sell lower than anybody.

Postal Clerk D. E. Sawyer was in town among friends this week. He has been put on a new run between LaJunta and Albuquerqe and left yesterday morning to see how he likes work in the far west.

The Sabetha band boys and fire laddies attended the big Woodman log rolling Hiawatha yesterday in a body.

The Sabetha kid nine are confident of victory in their game to be played with the Oneida ball team Saturday.

100 Years

Thursday, September 27, 1923

The cry has been, insurance is too high. You will wipe your eyes when you see Miner’s rates.

Jud Davis and a carload will go to Hastings, Neb., to see the Ringling-Barnum circus.

New model Victrola consols. Finley & Darville — Adv.

This seems to be a ‘twin season’ as a pair of twin boys were born at Hiawatha hospital, a pair of girls at Morrill and another pair of boys at Sabetha hospital since September 1.

Sabetha is getting very swell. It is now headquarter for the Cadillac car. Just look what John Kerr done in this week’s paper with the knock-em dead Cadillac ad. If you want a Cadillac you gotta come to Sabetha. That is the way it always is. We are pulling in a lot of paving and nothing short of a Cadillac agency would suit the occasion, John Kerr says they come in about anything a customer wants, plain or fancy, and while they are the snake’s hips when it comes to style, it’s the real goods that has put the Cadillac where it is in the motor world. The Kerr agency is of course handling the Dodge car as heretofore.

75 Years

Wednesday, September 29, 1948

The Carter Oil Company hope to start pumping oil at the Mamie Strahm No. 1 five miles southwest of Sabetha by next week. Leo Lutz, production foreman, said today. A concrete foundation for pumping equipment is being installed and storage tanks are being set for handling the oil. There has been no further announcement of further drilling activity by the company.

Bluejays beat Seneca in first grid game 20 to 0. After an unimpressive first half, the Sabetha Bluejays turned in a startling late game to win the first football game of the season from the Seneca Catholic team on the local gridiron Friday night by a score of 20 to 0. The third and fourth periods saw the Jays grabbing numerous breaks, making several spectacular plays making three freak kicks to their own advantage and in general pulling their chestnuts out of a hot first half fire. At the intermission Sabetha fans would gladly have settled for a scoreless tie after the visitors had gained six first downs to the Jays one and had threatened to score from the blue and white 8 yard line where they had a first down. The drive was stopped when the Jays held for downs. A forecast of things to come made by Sabetha toward the end of the second stanza following Seneca’s scoring threat. The Jays punted out of danger, and Larue Price intercepted an aerial to give his team its first chance of the game in enemy territory by galloping 38 yards with the yellow pigskin. The blue and white chance was spoiled by an offside and a clipping penalty but the situation gave the locals heart for better.

Last summer The Herald told of the “zoo corn plot of Merlin Strahm who lives four miles southwest of town. Among Merlin’s wide varieties of corn types was some tassel-less corn bred for height. His dad, Paul Strahm, advises that some of the corn had to be cut down–it was interfering with the telephone wires.

50 Years

Thursday, September 27, 1973

The Gerald Koch family, who live north of Sabetha, were surprised Sunday afternoon when a balloon came floating down on their land. Mrs. Koch said this week that the balloon did not seem to be much stronger than the penny balloons available in lots of stores, but tied to it was a plastic bag contained a card. The card quoted Genesis 1:1 from the Bible and said the balloon had been launched from the Our Savior Lutheran Church in Topeka. It also had the name of Chris Schmele who asked that the person finding it write to tell how far it had traveled. The balloon came down around 1:30 Sunday afternoon, so it had presumably been launched during the Sunday School hour Sunday morning.

The Sabetha city commissioners have announced their plans for using the federal revenue sharing funds. Previous funds were earmarked for use on street improvements, solid waste disposal and the construction of a new city storage building. The most recent allotment is expected to amount to $29,364 and the commissioners have decided to designate $15,000 for new storm sewers, $2,364 for improvements of the city industrial park, $5,000 to purchase land for the new city storage building, and $7,000 for remodeling the city hall. The city commissioners have approved an increase in the salary of the municipal judge position to $100 per month. Bernard Wiltz, who has served as city judge for over 10 years, has agreed to retain the post. The commissioners have approved an expenditure of $3,166 to purchase a new Allis Chalmers tractor, mower, and snow thrower from Flentie’s, Inc., of Sabetha. The present tractor and mower are considered inadequate and in disrepair. Approval was given for a building permit to G. E. Baskett to construct a new garage at his Main Street residence.

Farmers are beginning to think the monsoon season has arrived again. Just as it did a year ago, fall rain has prevented farmers from getting into the fields to harvest the bumper crops of corn, milo and soybeans. Tuesday night and Wednesday morning brought another one and a half to two and a half inches of moisture, depending upon whose gauge you check. There were also reports of tornadoes darting about in central Kansas, with the hardest hit being Clay Center. The weatherman says the rain will stop sometime.

The city of Holton suffered its second stunning economic blow of the year this week with the closing of the Slimaker Dress Corp. plant. Last spring the Aristo Meat Packing plant was also shut down. Company officials confirmed that the plant’s machine operators are no longer employed. The plant manufactured women’s dresses, blouses, slacks and shorts and employed approximately 100, mostly women.

25 Years

Wednesday, September 30, 1998

Sabetha High School Homecoming candidates are: front row from L-Christy Lukert, Jill Sander, Jody Kaeb; back row-Brett Emert, Jobi Wertenberger and Ronald Brooks. Royalty will be crowned at half-time of the Sabetha-Jeff West matchup Friday night. For information on homecoming activities, see story on page 10.

Alex Wenger, a senior at Sabetha High School, has been selected as one of 15,550 semifinalists in the 44th annual National Merit Scholarship Program. “I was happy about it I feel pretty lucky,” Wenger said. “I’m proud of it, I have a pretty good sense of achievement for having done it.”

MANHATTAN – Residents of Bern, in Nemaha County, population 204, sometimes run low on water, so it’s not too surprising that they lined up to test a new washing machine that conserves water. Results of the study did, however, surprise almost everyone. “The tiny community was chosen to test the machines because it does run short of water,” said Linda Eggerss, manager of marketing and media relations for the Maytag Co., which makes the machine used in test. One hundred and two residents signed up to participate in the before-and-after study. Water and energy use of existing washing machines was measured first. After the new front-loading machines were delivered and installed, residents were asked to weigh loads before and after washing, and to fill out a one-page survey after each load they washed for five months. In return, they got to keep the new washing machine. Results form the study pleased the Kansas community with water worries, the energy provider and manufacturer. The front-loaders reduced water use by 38 percent and reduced energy use by 56 percent, Eggerss said

10 Years

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Photo: Brianna Boden and Josh Ballenger are crowned Wetmore High School Homecoming Queen and King during the Wetmore Spring Creek Festival on Saturday, September 21. Cardinal Cuties are Mason McClain and Layla Cochran.

Photo: Nemaha County Commissioners (L-R) Dennis Henry, Tim Burdiek and Gary Scoby present a check for $45,000 for the purpose of a new ambulance barn in Sabetha to Sabetha EMS Director Ed Steinlage (center holding check) and city administrators Doug Allen (second from right) and Bill Shroyer.

The community Animal Protection Society’s (CAPS) third annual Race for the Rescue SK is quickly approaching. The event is scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 5. It was started three years ago to raise funds to build a local animal shelter.

The Sabetha Kiwanis Club again recently passed out dictionaries to all three third-grade classes at Sabetha Elementary School. The dictionaries are age specific to third graders and include information about our country in addition to definitions. Each dictionary was personalized with the student’s name. The teachers appreciate the dictionaries because they aid the teachers in teaching reading skills.



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