New scams reported in the area

I have had the public contact me regarding scams that are continuing to be around our county. The Publishers Clearing House scam is ramping up again and residents are being contacted by people posing as representatives from Publishers Clearing House.

Residents are being told that they have won millions of dollars and a new vehicle, but they have to pay a processing fee to get these prizes. The caller is insistent that the residents provide their bank information so the prizes may be awarded. Remember, this is a scam. You will never be asked for this information by a credible caller. Never give out your information over the phone or computer.

Another scam is new to our area as several county residents have been contacted by phone regarding the sale of their property. Scammers are calling landowners inquiring if their land or property is for sale and what it would take to purchase. Individuals have reported that the calls come up “Unknown” or “Blocked” on their caller IDs.

Residents are being told that money can be transferred into their banking account immediately if they would agree to a price. So far no one has been made a victim of this scam. It appears that the caller is trying to get county residents to provide their personal information so they can gain access to their financial information. Never give out your banking or personal info to anyone.

If you feel you have been made a victim of this or any other scam, contact your local law enforcement at once. I appreciate the public for bringing this new scam to my attention.


John Merchant26 Posts

John Merchant currently serves as Brown County (Kansas) Sheriff.


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