Exercise your voting privilege

Dear Editor,

I would like to extend a call to duty to exercise your privilege to vote. The courthouse is open to vote early in the upcoming election on November 7th. The November 7th election is your chance to voice your opinions and concerns by voting for the candidate of your choice, in your city ward or precinct, school district’s position on the school board. Our communities and schools are the foundations for raising our next generation. Prior generations of our families settled here to make a better life for their children, paving the way for the excellent communities and schools we have now. Evidence of this is seen as young people and parents enter our communities and schools to better themselves and their children. The quality of academic education is of utmost importance to prepare our children for the world outside of Nemaha County. As parents and grandparents, it is our responsibility to see to it that our schools are run by those that ensure our children are educated in a moral and conservative manner, with respect toward all. Please don’t take this opportunity to “vote” lightly. We need to commend the candidates running for office for stepping forward, becoming involved and giving their time, their expertise, and service to our school boards and councils. After the election is over, we need to continually stay in touch with those council and board members for answers to our concerns. Please Vote on or before November 7th for the best for Nemaha County.

Ray Shinn

Rural Seneca


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