This is an important election

Dear Editor,

The school board election on November 7th is the most important in the history of our school district. That is not an exaggeration, and here’s why.

A group of individuals bitter about the Wetmore school closing formed the Wetmore Community Action Association (WCAA). This group is primarily focused on seeking revenge against Sabetha, and was successful in convincing school districts from Nemaha Central, Jackson Heights and Centralia to join forces and file a petition to confiscate over 40% of our district’s territory. 

Nemaha Central’s demand is so excessive that it includes a good portion of the Sabetha City Lake, which is actually part of the Sabetha City Limits. Nemaha Central’s attempted land grab also includes a 16-mile stretch along the state line from 4.5 miles northeast of Bern to 9 miles almost straight north of Axtell. 

Jackson Heights is seeking to confiscate territory nearly 30 miles from their school, including approximately 40 square miles where absolutely no students attend Jackson Heights. 

If these efforts fail, the WCAA remains ready to file a petition to dissolve our entire school district. If their efforts are successful, USD 113 will cease to exist. The school in Axtell will close, and Sabetha schools will become a part either the Nemaha Central or Hiawatha school district. 

With the very existence of USD 113 hanging in the balance, the school board election on November 7th is of the utmost importance. Several candidates have expressed a commitment to preserving the district and are opposed to the attempted seizure of territory and dissolution of the district. These candidates include Leslie Scoby (Sabetha), Todd Grimes (Sabetha), Jim Scoby (Morrill) and Kathy Lippert (Sabetha). 

Additionally, Doug Renyer (Wetmore), who is running as a write-in candidate against Andrea Lagos for Position #4, has also vowed to protect USD 113 from the confiscation of territory by other districts, as well as any attempt to dissolve the district.

The school board election on November 7th will determine the future of USD 113. It is vitally important that you vote, and that you cast your ballot for candidates who will strive to preserve our district.

Brad Lippert

Sabetha, Kansas



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