Brown County Commission 10.31.2023

Submitted by Nicole Lee

County Clerk

The Board of Brown County Commissioners met in regular session on Tuesday, Oct. 31, with the following members present: Chairman William Pollock, Richard Lehmkuhl and Lamar Shoemaker. Also present was Brown County Clerk Nicole Lee. County Attorney Kevin Hill was present for a portion of the meeting. Pollock opened the meeting at 8:13 a.m. All recited the Pledge of Allegiance. Commissioner Lehmkuhl led the meeting with a prayer.

Department Reports

Road and Bridge Road and Bridge Foreman Rodney Allen discussed easement and power lines on Goldfinch Road.

Dave Fokken provided information via Zoom on the machine and services that Asphalt Zipper provides. Road and Bridge foremen and crewmen were also present.

Also at the meeting:

The commissioners approved the Oct. 23 meeting minutes.

The Oct. 31 claims were approved as follows: General, $82,578.76; Road and Bridge, $43,549.06; Health, $32,500; Historical Society, $4,583.33; Employee Benefit, $77,988.75; Election, $157.93; Extension Council, $9,166.66; Mental Health, $7,442.91; Developmental Services, $2,254.33; Capital Improvement, $9,500; Conservation, $252.17; Appraiser, $678.51; Ambulance, $25,416.65; Noxious Weed, $493.87; Alcohol, $5,016.62; Diversion, $458.33; 911 SB 50, $2,123.48; ACC, $655.04; JJA CORE, $1,742.93; Services for Elderly, $6,657.03; Solid Waste, $860.69; Payroll, $80.09; ARP Fund, $191,423.90; and Prosecuting Attorney Training Fund, $390.97. The total was $505,972.01.

The Nov. 1 payroll was approved as follows: General, $92,210.28; Road and Bridge, $16,082.44; Election, $1,013.84; Technology, $292; Appraiser, $8,820.01; Noxious Weed, $1,800; ACC, $8,530.53; JJA Core, $8,468.97; Services for Elderly, $3,550.63; Solid Waste, $6,085.51; Special MVT, $4,361.08; Employee Benefit FICA, $9,914.12; and Employee Benefit KPERS, $12,132.42. After State Unemployment and Workers Compensation of $138 and Insurance of $2,443.92 were taken out, the total was $170,679.91.

The commissioners were presented with a letter requesting support in regards to a grant from KDOT for transportation services that the NEK Area Agency on Aging is applying for. The board approved signing a letter of support for the Area Agency on Aging to apply for a grant from KDOT.

The commissioners were presented with a related party questionnaire from Mo-Kan Regional Council.

The board was presented with a notice from the Brown County Historical Society.

The board was presented with the KWORCC Annual Meeting information. The commissioners approved to appoint Lehmkuhl as voting delegate and Nicole Lee as an alternate delegate.

The next regular meeting was held on Monday, Nov. 6. These minutes were not available at The Herald’s press time.



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