Fairview City Council 10.05.2023

Submitted by Christine Rosenberger

City Clerk

The Fairview City Council met for their regular meeting at 7 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 5. Present for the meeting were Mayor Art Vonderschmidt, Council Members Charlie Kramer, Bridget Harvey, Sierra Renner and Doug Bletscher, Treasurer Kim Rettele, City Clerk Christine Rosenberger, City Employee George Blanton, Ron Rettele, Maggie Wikle, Jesse Davis, and Patty Ingraham.

Mayor Vonderschmidt called the meeting to order. Wikle asked the council what was being “marked” in her yard. It was discussed that Kansas Gas Service is marking for new mains and the markings represent the right of way.

The council approved the minutes of the Sept. 7 meeting.

K. Rettele reported a double deduction from the city checking account for a check. The bank is working on the refund. Otherwise, the council approved accepting the treasurer’s report and balanced and verified.

Under old business, Keim TS gifted the city a picture of the overpass area, which was in their truck wash lobby. The council thanked the Keims for the gift.

Mayor Vonderschmidt advised that no proof of insurance has been received from Patrick and Joyce Davis for 424 W Commercial as per the lease agreement. After discussion, the council approved to have the city attorney initiate a letter to Patrick and Joyce Davis asking for proof of insurance on 424 W Commercial within 10 days of the date of notice.

Members of the council asked that the Code Enforcement Officer Ashley Martinez be made aware of conditions at 514 W Oak, Mark Chester, for trash/debris and a storage trailer with storage underneath; Kirk Watson, 212 W Maple, for trash/debris, as well as a car on a trailer that needs to be moved; Jesus Lonzo, 210 W Maple, of a fallen tree branch; and Laura Rilinger, 110 W Front, for debris and a wrecked car.

Councilman Kramer asked on behalf of Steve Holthaus if the closing of portion of Second Street has been recorded with the Register of Deeds. Rosenberger advised that it has been recorded Aug. 24.

Mayor Vonderschmidt advised that the Caterpillar grader has been listed for sale on Purple Wave. The auction is Oct. 31, 2023.

Councilwoman Renner continues to work on the mural project. The grant funds open in the spring. She needs input on location and what to put on the mural. The council suggested a couple of sites and that she put a committee together. Renner indicated she might try to have something put together for people to review at Fairview Lights Up.

Blanton will mow the lagoon as time allows.

Doyle Bechtelheimer has been contacted to winterize the restrooms at the park and city shop.

R. Rettele told the council that not all lights in the city park are working. It was discussed that the city owns the lights, and it would need to consider why the lights are not working and schedule repair.

The Wolfe Grant applications are due Nov. 30, 2023. It was discussed to apply for sail type sun shades for the picnic area at the park where the new picnic tables are, as well as a rectangular picnic table.

The council approved to accept the On Premises and Off Premises Cereal Malt Beverage applications for Hacks Steak Shack.

Rosenberger advised one copy of the city ordinances had been dropped off to Mishler Law Offices for the city code project.

J. Davis came to the meeting late due to his work schedule and provided a copy of insurance for 424 W Commercial. He indicated work would begin soon. An update was provided indicating that the spray foaming is complete, but the painting of the spray foam has started but is not yet complete. Work on the entry way to the empty lot area will begin once the spray foam/paint is completed. With Davis’ proof of insurance, the council approved to rescind the previous motion to have the attorney send a proof of insurance request.

The council approved to pay the bills.

No special meeting was requested. The next regular meeting was held at 7 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 2.



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