The generosity of giving

Dear Editor,

I often wonder what it would be like if I threw my phone away, if streaming services never even existed, if I didn’t have access to everything at the click of a button… the question is, would I be more intentional with my time if I wasn’t so preoccupied by technology? The thing about time is that we only have so much of it until we don’t have any of it. Demands seem to call out to us at every twist and turn. If we aren’t careful, boundaries we have (or haven’t) set for ourselves can grow exponentially larger than we ever intended, and by the time we have a chance to take hold of them, we have lost all strength to see just how far they’ve been stretched. Owning a business has opened my eyes to see two main things: 1) boundaries provide time, aid in productivity, and allows you to confidently say “yes” to one thing and “no” to another 2) without the generosity of giving and serving in our community, we wouldn’t be what our small town is today. And while most of my weekends are full and my brain is tired at the end of the day, something that brings me joy (and sometimes tired eyes) is serving others with the abilities God has given me. Our town has so many great organizations that give us the opportunity to serve in our community. One organization I am glad to be a part of and able to serve others through, is Neighbor-2-Neighbor. To me, Neighbor-2-Neighbor is a home-based mission field. Neighbor-2-Neighbor works behind the scenes to approve applications for home-based projects and seeks out the resources to execute them. So far this year, we have been able to complete 12 projects for community members! None of this is possible without volunteers willing to give their time to serve alongside us and generous giving. A great way to learn more and give to the organization of your choosing is the Give To Grow Event (Nov. 17-22). I challenge you to take the step, get involved, and ask, “How can I be more intentional with the time and talents I have been given?” If you are interested in volunteering or learning more about Neighbor-2-Neighbor, please reach out! You can reach us through our Facebook page, by phone (785-285-8115), or even reach out to us personally.

Savanna Nieman

Neighbor-2-Neighbor Board Member



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