Extending my congratulations

Dear Editor,

I would like to extend my congratulations to those candidates that were elected by the voters in the November 7th elections. USD 113 has two new board members and USD 115 has one new board member. We commend not only those candidates for stepping forward, becoming involved and wanting to give their expertise to our school boards and councils, but even those who might not have won the position. Thank you. Now that the election is over, the hard work starts. We citizens have a responsibility to stay involved with local government at the school and community level. We should stay in contact with the elected school council and board members, so they know our concerns. The quality of academic education is of utmost importance to prepare our children for the world beyond, enabling a productive society for our communities and country. Our school board members are responsible for the direction of the school by hiring and firing both administration and teachers, by instilling policies that promote good morals, patriotism, and respectful family values. We must hold to higher academic achievements that help cement solid and sound attitudes within our students. Let us remember that a democracy within our republic will only survive if we have a moral and patriotic citizenry that respects life, liberty, and freedoms that were originally established by our founding forefathers.

Ray Shinn




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