Election 2023 results finalized

The 2023 election results are finally canvassed from the local school boards and city elections, and the official results changed very little from the preliminary results released on election night, Tuesday, Nov. 7.

Voter turnout for Nemaha County was 35 percent, while voter turnout for Brown County was 18.65 percent.

School Boards

Prairie Hills USD No. 113 Board of Education

Position One: Incumbent James A. Scoby was the winner with 1,504 votes.

Position Three: Incumbent Kathy Lippert was the winner with 1,383 votes.

Position Four (Unexpired Term): Write in candidate Doug Renyer was the winner with 1,090 votes. Filed candidate Andrea Lagos received 905 votes.

Position Five: Winner was Todd Grimes with 1,284 votes. Ross Mosteller received 879 votes.

Position Seven: Winner was Leslie Scoby with 1,223 votes. Ann Shaughnessy received 965 votes.

Nemaha Central USD No. 115 Board of Education

Position One: Winner was Amy Sudbeck with 161 votes.

Position Three: Winner was Amy Huerter with 88 votes.

Position Five: Winner was Tory Jost with 76 votes.

Position Seven: Winner was Kris Anderson with 382 votes. Owen R. Zinke received 304 votes.

Hiawatha USD No. 415 Board of Education

Position One: Winner was Ryan Patton with 537 votes.

Position Two: Winner was Mitchell J. Brown with 358 votes. Richard L. Schilling received 210 votes.

Position Three: Winner was Ian Schuetz with 514 votes.

Position Seven: Winner was Griff Howard with 529 votes.

City Councils

City of Sabetha

Commissioner of Parks and Recreation: Winner was Nick Aberle with 744 votes.

Commissioner of Utilities: Winner was Jason Enneking with 747 votes.

Commissioner of Streets: Winner was Joshua Burger with 412 votes over competitor Megan Bunck with 338 votes.

City of Bern

Council Members: Winners were Carla Meyer with 37 votes, Jacob Kaster with 37 votes and Randy A. Summers with 34 votes.

City of Fairview

Council Members: Winners were filed candidates Charlie Kramer with 14 votes and Sierra Renner with 21 votes, and write-in Bridget Harvey with three votes.

City of Morrill

Mayor: Winner was write-in Kenneth Beckner with 34 votes.

Council Members: Winners were filed candidates Gage Becker with 32 votes and Linda Wymer with 28 votes, and write-ins Griffen Huning with 10 votes, Duane Perry with five votes and Andrew Baumgartner with four votes.

City of Goff

Mayor: Winner was write-in candidate Jonette Armintrout.

Council Members: Winners was filed candidate Michelle Flewelling, and write-in candidates Rachel Fulkerson, Edna Perry, Samuel Kirk and Barb Wiggins with a tie break.

City of Oneida

Mayor: Winner was Patrick Allen with 10 votes.

Council Members: Winners were write-ins Carol Winkler with 10 votes, Angelia Steiner with 10 votes, Shawn Branson with 10 votes, Wanda Branson with 10 votes and Joyce Russell with 10 votes.

City of Wetmore

Mayor: Winner was Miles Hanzlicek with 48 votes.

Council Members: Winners were Michelle Cochran with 56 votes, Bruce Fund with 65 votes, Ed Nott with 62 votes, Dean Osterhaus with 80 votes and Tyler Osterhaus with 79 votes.

City of Seneca

Mayor: Winner was Joe Mitchell with 318 votes.

Treasurer: Winner was Kathy O’Brien with 343 votes.

Council Member, First Ward: Winner was Ray Shinn with 73 votes.

Council Member, Second Ward: Winner was Steve Bennett with 125 votes.

Council Member, Third Ward: Winner was Michael Stallbaumer with 137 votes.

Extension District

Winners for the Meadowlark Extension District No. 7 were Jan Rottinghaus with 1,539 votes and Pamela Deters with 1,277 votes.

Positions are not set until write-ins accept their nominations. If a write-in winner does not accept a position, the city council or school board on which they sit will select a person to fill the seat.

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Heather Stewart is one of two co-editors for The Sabetha Herald, where she has been on staff since 2015. Heather is a 2011 Kansas State University graduate with a degree in psychology. She lives in Sabetha with her husband.


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