125 Years

Thursday, December 15, 1898

The dissolution of the partnership between A.D. Hook and A.A. Slosson, which has lasted thirteen years, will be a surprise to the public, and there will be many regrets if Mr. Slosson concludes to permanently quit the ranks of Sabetha business men. At the same time, we have the assurance that under the management of Mr. Hook, the house will in the future, as in the past, be one of the leading business houses of the city. Mr. Hook has been in Sabetha almost since the town was started and during all that time has been identified with its business interests. He knows everybody and everybody knows him, and no one needs to be told of his business qualifications. Mr. Slossson is not ready to announce his future plans.

The preacher who wants to fight intemperance with free whiskey has been reinforced by the preacher who establishes a dancing school to counteract the wickedness of dancing. Is the time coming when every well regulated church will have a bar and dance hall in connection?

It is strange the way things turn out. A large number of Americans are hard at work learning to talk Spanish and a large number of Cubans are equally hard at work learning to talk American.

It is reported that Joe Bailey, of Texas, intends to fight General Wheeler. Joe had better hunt somebody nearer his size.

L.S. Price reports lots of corn in the field yet in his neighborhood. This seems to be the case everywhere.

100 Years

Wednesday, December 12, 1923

There was a big crowd at the Gage community meet Friday night and everybody seemed to have a good time. Mr. and Mrs. Farnham and sister, Mrs. Blanche Bridson, took dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Jim Everhart Tuesday evening. Arthur Farnham leaves this week for his work near St. Joseph. The community regrets to see him leave but wishes him success in his new business.

Bill Kyle suffered serious injuries to the fingers of his right hand at Joe Wenger’s last Thursday when Kyle got his hand in a corn sheller. It is not determined as yet whether the finger can be saved.

William Hart while flagging the Rock Island train at Berwick this week was struck on the side and hand by an iron which flew from the train. He was not injured seriously but had a narrow escape.

There is a new song entitled, “Kiss Me with your Eyes” Gee whiz, not us!

75 Years

Wednesday, December 15, 1948

Predicts radio controlled tractors to do all farm work. The day has arrived when airplanes can be flown without a pilot, all done by radio. The day is not far off, according to O O Strahm, Sabetha farmer, stockman and seed store operator when a farmer can be seated in an elevated tower on his farm overlooking his fields and operate his tractor by radio, without an operator in the seat, causing the tractor to turn at the end of the corn rows, or at corners of a wheat field or hay field, just whatever work the farmer might have for his tractor to do on the farm. The reason for the elevated tower is that the farmer can see when his tractor has reached the end of the field and must be turned and sent back across the field. Thus in the control towner on a airfield the men at the controls of the radio can see when to let a plane down for landing, or when to send it into the “blue” on a take-off.

One hundred ninety-three babies have been born at St. Anthony so far this year, with a possibility that the 200 mark would be reached by Dec. 31. Each baby born at the hospital receives a beautiful birth certificate bearing a photograph of the hospital.

Santa Claus has successfully coped with the deep snow drifts and frigid weather of the Far North, The Herald learned this week, and will be in Sabetha right on schedule–next Thursday afternoon, Dec. 23. Santa’s modern motorized sleigh turned the trick, going up and over the drifts with ease. “It was a lot easier than with reindeer,” Santa telegraphed The Herald, “and besides I’ve developed such an affection for Donner and Blitzen and the rest that I hate to make them work so hard.” It’s that same motorized sleigh on which some youngster of the community will get a free ride next Thursday. Children have been writing to Santa, guessing how many sleigh bells will be on the sleigh when he pulls into Sabetha, and the one guessing closest will get a free ride. Any who haven’t written yet may still do so by addressing “Santa Claus North Pole No. 3, Whiting, Kansas.”

50 Years

Wednesday, December 12, 1973

The most destructive winter storm in the history of this area is still causing havoc this week, although most of the worst part is apparently over. City workmen, National Guardsmen, telephone company employees and many more spent hour after hour trying to alleviate widespread hardships in the area. Sabetha Mayor Bill Leman said Monday that it appeared the worst was over. He expressed the gratitude of the city to all who “pitched in” and helped during the time of crisis and the patience exercised by the many who had serious problems. “It’s in times of emergencies that you can really see how wonderful most people are,” Mayor Leman stated. It is not possible for The Herald to report on all of the incidents that occurred during the ice storm and the days following. Sgt. Larry Grosfield said that around 20 people stayed at the National Guard Armory on Wednesday and Thursday nights because they had no power or heat in their homes. Actually, Sgt. Grosfield sounded a little disappointed that more folks didn’t come out. “Remember a couple of years ago when we put up 200-300 stranded motorists?: He recalled.”This was just a drop in the bucket compared to that.”

Janet Hecht, a native of Seneca, Kansas, now in her junior year at Kansas State University, was crowned Kansas Farm Bureau Queen, Tuesday night, December 4. Janet is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs Francis Hecht of Seneca. Her victory in the contest entitles her to visit Spain in January as part of a Kansas Farm Bureau tour, and to attend the Farm Bureau national convention in Atlantic City in January. Mrs. Jerry Joyce, Denton, was second in the contest, and Mrs. Roger Oplinger, Jewell, was third. Miss Hecht was crowned queen of the 1971 Northeast Kansas Halloween Junior Miss Pageant held in Hiawatha. She represented Bern High School.

Having to rig up auxiliary power sources was responsible for two accidents with generators last week. Harold Bauerle, who farms south of Sabetha, is nursing a bruised leg, but is happy to report his injury was not serious. Leroy Menold was not as fortunate, He reportedly suffered broken bones when a generator he was using broke loose from its moorings. He was a patient in the Sabetha Hospital this week.

John Menold, Sabetha farmer, says the report in The Herald last week about the accidental shooting of three of his cows by Dr, Waymer Strahm who mistook them for wild animals was correct except for one point, “The cattle weren’t actually killed by the shots,” Mr. Menold said, “We did have to have them butchered, however, so we ended up with a lot of good hamburger.”

25 Years

Wednesday, December 16, 1998

Bern school district takes third shot at bonds. Third time’s a charm? Maybe not. After two years of waiting, the Bern/Axtell/Summerfield school district will attempt for the third time in three years to pass two general obligation bond issues in the April 1999 general election. The board passed a motion at December’s meeting to proceed with two separate pond issues. The first $2.2 million bond issue addresses facility education and Americans with Disabilities Act requirements, the second is $2.38 million bond issue would provide new gymnasiums at Bern and Axtell. Superintendent Bill Biggs said that the reason for the two separate bond issues is to give the patrons of the district a choice. “The first one addresses strictly facility education and ADA problems,” Biggs said. “the other addresses the issue of the lack of any kind of decent physical education facilities.” Two earlier bond issues that combined building improvements with two new gymnasiums were defeated. A $3.8 million dollar bond issue was defeated in April of 1997 by 56 votes. The same issue was defeated at an earlier election in January by smaller margin of 20 votes. Biggs said that the first issue concerning facility education and ADA requirements, must pass before the second issue can be addressed. “If the first issue doesn’t pass, then the second issue is moved.”

10 Years

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Photo: Sabetha area veterans appreciate the Sabetha Chamber of Commerce for providing new Christmas wreaths for the seven plaques at the Sabetha Veterans Memorial. These new wreathes are larger and brighter than the older, smaller wreathes that Sabetha Veterans of Foreign Wars Memorial Post 7285 purchased several years ago. The new “snow caps” from the snow that blanketed the Sabetha area Sunday, December 8, gives the Veterans Memorial a festive look.

District auditor Ken Kickhae-fer presented a district update to the board. This update tracks back to the audit, ensuring more accuracy with the figures presented. The bottom line, Kickhaefer said, is that with the enrollment numbers projected and the dis-trict’s expected costs, the district needs to cut $1,131,927 by the 2015-16 school year. This figure is in stark contrast to earlier numbers presented by Superintendent Orth to the board, which indicated the district would have a much smaller cut.

Photo: The Sabetha Fire Department, with mutual aid from the Bern Fire Department, responds to a fire in the implement shed at the rural Sabetha residence of Rod and Cynthia Strahm Friday, December 6.

Photo: Bank patrons enjoy the music as the Sabetha High School Odyssey vocal group performs at the Morrill & Janes Bank/Saylor Insurance Holiday Open House Friday, December 6.

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