Familiar scam circulates the area

We have a very familiar scam that is currently circulating Brown County. I have had a number of concerned citizens inform me that they are being contacted by phone by someone that is posing as their grandchild or close relative. The caller is telling the county residents that they (grandchild or relative) are in a lot of trouble and have been arrested out of the area (several variations of this scenario have been reported).

The caller identifies with the county resident either by calling them by their names or “grandma or grandpa.” It appears the callers even knows limited personal history of those being contacted. The caller then states they need $500 or sometimes more money immediately or charges will be pressed and they will be sent to jail.

On two occasions, the person posing as the relative is asking for credit/debit card information to facilitate the transaction. The caller has been reported as saying they are “very embarrassed and does not want the county resident to contact the parents and promises to pay back the money.”

One report was that the caller was crying hysterically.

So far, no one has fallen victim of this scam. In all reports, the county residents contacted their grandchildren/relatives immediately, and no one had been in trouble and the residents were urged to contact the Sheriff’s office to report.

As always, never give out your personal information over the phone or Internet. These scammers are very highly trained to obtain your hard earned money using very despicable tactics.

If you feel you have been made a victim of a scam, please contact your local law enforcement at once.


John Merchant26 Posts

John Merchant currently serves as Brown County (Kansas) Sheriff.


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