4-H CLUB: Fairview Willing Workers

The Fairview Willing Workers 4-H Club holds their December monthly meeting.
The Fairview Willing Workers 4-H Club members enjoy snacks and socializing during their December meeting.

Submitted by Brody Grathwohl,

Flint Lowdermilk

The Fairview Willing Workers 4-H Club started off the month with their monthly meeting held at the Fairview Community Building in Fairview. One of the highlights of the meeting was that we had our annual gift exchange.

Members enjoyed the gift exchange game where Kelly Meyer read a story and members had to pass left and right each time, she said those words. At the end members opened their presents. Members enjoyed snacks and socializing while playing with their new games and toys.

During the meeting, the club also had an update from their council reps. They handed out a date sheet to all the parents of important dates for the first part of the year. The reps also discussed possible changes to the fair. It was noted that the show shirts will be changed to the color of gray for this year’s fair. There was also talk about moving the pig show to the big arena at the fairgrounds.

Each year, the Fairview Willing Workers help with hosting the annual Double Nickle Party in Fairview. This year, the event was held on Dec. 9. They had 23 people sign up for the event. Twelve of our clubs’ members signed up to help serve the event. It is just one of the many ways our members give back to the citizens of the City of Fairview.

The second event of the month that the Fairview Willing Workers took part in was the Annual Fairview Lights Up. Each year, they try to do something at the event. They normally serve a meal for free will donation. This helps their club out as a fundraiser. They use the funds each year to help pay for events for their members to attend. They are proud to say that the community told them, they have some of the best chili dogs around!

The next monthly meeting of the Fairview Willing Workers will be held on Jan. 14 at a time to be determined. The Grathwohl and Geisendorf families will be hosting the event. We will be having a recreation event of a movie party!



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