4-H CLUB: Busy Jayhawkers

Submitted by Jyllian Stapleton


The regular monthly meeting of the Busy Jayhawkers 4-H Club was held on Monday, Nov 27. President Laura Edelman called the meeting to order and welcomed new members, the Danforths and Meyers. Dean Farwell and Lillian Wolfolk led the club in the pledges. Roll call was answered by your favorite pie.

Alivia Lang read the minutes of the previous meeting. A letter of thanks was received from the local food pantry. Chloe Detweiler gave a treasurer’s report, and Jyllian Stapleton followed with the reporter’s report. Next, the club viewed and voted on new T-Shirt designs.

The club also settled in keeping the same club goals from previous years. The club also discussed ideas for the Food Fair on Jan. 2 — our club will be doing a Thanksgiving holiday theme. Then, the Seal for Charter Ceremony took place. New members Ellie Meyer, and Lily and Wesley Danforth were inducted into the club. Achievement night also took place this month and many members received awards to reflect their effort in the 4-H year.


On Monday, Dec 18, the Busy Jayhawkers 4-H Club went caroling at the Apostolic Christian Home to spread some holiday cheer. Afterwards, President Laura Edelman called the meeting to order. Chloe Detweiler and Ava Edelman led the club in both of the pledges.

Then, following was roll call, which was “what the low temperature on Christmas would be,” Alivia Lang read the minutes of the previous meeting. Detweiler had the Treasurer’s report, and there was no Reporter’s report.

New business was discussed, including the Food Fair that will be held Jan. 2, 2024, in Seneca at the Community Building. Aiden Lang led the program and L. Edelman read the announcements. After the meeting was adjourned, the club had recreation.

In December, the club has a big gift exchange where all members play a game while swapping presents.


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