We should be hand counting our election ballots

Dear Editor,

A few weeks ago, Argentina held national elections. Somehow, they were able to hand count 30 million ballots by midnight, over the course of three to four hours. By contrast, here in America, we can’t tabulate our votes on election day anymore. We no longer have election night. We have election week or election month. You would think that computers would be faster than humans, but somehow that’s not the case. Putting aside the fact that these delays are suspicious, this is just one more reason to ditch voting machines and return to the hand counting system. In related news, I noticed that Brad Raffensperger, Georgia’s embattled Republican Secretary of State, has refused to defend the state’s electronic voting system in court. The same man who chose the electronic system in the first place and has repeatedly gone on record defending its trustworthiness goes silent when it comes to defending it under oath. Remember that in Kansas it’s the county clerks who make the decision whether to use the machines. That’s a good thing because a county clerk is much easier to make contact with than a secretary of state.

Curtis Knapp, Rural Seneca


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