Letter to the Editor: vote for our nation

Dear Editor,

“Ask not for what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.” As I pondered this quote by President John F. Kennedy, my thought was that he was saying that we should not expect the government to bail us out for our failures but provide a government that allowed us to get up and try again. I remember the first time I was able to vote was between Barry Goldwater and Lyndon Johnson. I received a word of advice, and it was “don’t vote for your pocketbook.” I took that to say that I should not expect the government to provide me with any of my income. I was to work and pay my fair share of taxes and not to be a burden to the country; be a contributor. I have taken that to heart. (I think I already knew this, just did not realize it). So, if JFK was a member of the Democratic Party, where is that same policy in today’s Democratic Party? I strongly believe that our founding fathers were directed by God Almighty when they penned the Preamble to the Constitution, Constitution, and Bill of Rights. I fully believe the Constitution is to be followed to the letter and to the intent as it was written. When you go (not if) into the voting booth this year be sure your vote is for our nation. Not for your pocketbook, socialism, or Marxism; we all are equal. We are all Americans, and we will be great again.

Nick Scott




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