Bern City Council 02.13.2024

Submitted by Yvonne Krehbiel


The Bern City Council met in regular session Tuesday, Feb. 13, at the Bern Community Building. In attendance were Mayor Dallas Wood, council members Chad Strathman, Randy Summers, Carla Meyer and Dick Koehne, water manager Rob Myers, treasurer Bill Sheik, and clerk Yvonne Krehbiel.

State is requiring a lead survey, which our city has begun. It is approximately half complete. Also, the annual water use report needs to be completed. Water manager Rob Myers took deliveries and samples and managed repairs as needed during the month. Some work was completed on RWD Well No. 4, it is running properly now. The water system generator runs a test each week.

The city wastewater samples were in compliance fourth quarter of 2023.

Financial reports were presented to the council for both city and the community building.

Contract labor received approximately a four percent increase last year. Koehne made a motion to adopt a six percent increase for this year. Motion seconded and carried.

Street work needs to be done this year. The clerk will solicit bids.

The council approved and appreciates the following boards serving in 2024:

Check signing (three signatures required on each check): Bill Sheik, Dallas Wood, Yvonne Krehbiel and Carla Meyer.

Park Committee: Linda Lortscher, Teresa Stallbaumer, Tiffany Korber, Sarah Anderson, Laura Baumgartner and Kayla Streit.

Bern Community Library: Jenny Wood, Maria Edelman, Darlene Meyer, Carla Meyer and Kate Meyer.

Bern Community Building: Kristin Meyer, Dale Dorsch, Jack Kuenzi, Brandon Edelman, Brian Edelman and Cindy Myers.

Summers made a motion to adopt the Corporate Authorization Resolution for check signers. Motion seconded and carried.

The new electronic message board on the corner of Main and Matthews is in process. Park committee has filled out STEP grant application for park improvements, including trees and landscaping.

Bills were presented and approved to be paid, meeting adjourned.


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