Exclusivity is not a popular word. We all love to be included, or at least invited, to all things. When we are excluded, many thoughts come into our mind like prejudice, judgmental or snobbyness (made up that word!). Jesus made what is probably the most exclusive statement ever heard.

He said HE was the way, the truth and the life (huge claims) and that no one, that is right, NO ONE, gets to the Father, gets into heaven, except by Him (John 14:6).

Jesus is either God, and therefore right in His statement, or He is a fraud. Stating that you are a Christian is to believe in the exclusivity of Christ, the only Savior of the world. Not only the only savior, but the Bible also states that there is only one mediator between God and man, and that is Jesus (1 Timothy 2:5).

This statement of exclusivity means that there is no other person who stands between you and God but Jesus. Your parents, pastor or meaningful friend is not your mediator before God. We pray in Jesus’ name alone. As much as I would love to mediate for my own children and ask God, going around Jesus, for mercy or anything for that matter, I realize that there is only One who can plead your case, Jesus.

I hope that all who read this believe in God and in His Son, whom He sent to be the Savior, the only Savior and Mediator of the world. He who has Christ has life, He who does not have Christ does not have life but the wrath of God is still on him (John 3:36).

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Charlie Robinson serves as pastor of NorthRidge Church in Sabetha.

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