125 Years

Thursday, March 9, 1899

The farmers of this section have never had such an opportunity as will be offered by J. M. Evans & Co. Saturday, March 18th. A line of implements and vehicles will be on exhibition that day such as has not been seen before in this country.

The Champion Liar. Seneca is having a small pox scare. One hundred people are down at present. There have been some cases there all winter, and Dr. W. F. Troughton, who once officiated in the same capacity in Atchison, has been attending physician. He had his son accompany him on his drives to see the patients, and the son is now down. Young Troughton had been associating freely with the young people of his acquaintance up to the time he took sick. — Horton Headlight. This looks very much like willful and premeditated lying. The wildest exaggerations we have seen on the subject pale into insignificance beside this. We cannot understand why a sensible editor would allow such stuff to appear in his paper. It does not take many such breaks to entirely destroy a paper’s reputation as a reliable dispenser of news.

The Germans have at last taken the step that shoud have been taken months ago. The withdrawal of their warships from Manila and request for Uncle Sam to look after German interests there is a guarantee of peaceful intentions that cannot be questioned.

100 Years

Wednesday, March 12, 1924

Eunice Parker is seventeen. She doesn’t mind it now, indeed she is proud of it. It is mean to print it out in so many words, though, because the time may come, nay it WILL come, when Eunice will not be so joyful to have it known what year she entered real youngladyhood. And always there is someone mean enough to keep clippings of that sort so no woman may safely deny her years, when the time arrives, that such is her chief object in life. Be that as it may, the cat is now out of the bag, and Eunice celebrated her dignity with an elegant party Tuesday night.

Ellie Williamson’s eight cylinder Oldsmobile was destroyed by fire a mile south and a quarter of a mile west of Oneida Monday. Al Peck who was driving the car, says he saw smoke come from under the hood, then the car burst into flames. The car burned for hours. It is a complete wreck. It is not known what started the blaze. There is small insurance on the car. The car cost $1,800 five or six years ago.

We Tell You How Much Your Auto Repair Will Be Before the Work is Done. I give all motor car, truck or tractor work my personal services and tell you what the repairs will cost when the work is done. You know what each item will cost for high grade work guaranteed. You get the most for your money, and the bill is never more than you think it will be. We grind cylinders guaranteed right; our Simplicity grinder does it to perfection and saves you money. JIM FLETCHALL, Prop. West Side Motor Inn. East Main Street.

75 Years

Wednesday, March 9, 1949

Remarkable Teeth at 76. Tom Brammer went to Dr E. L. Burner last Thursday, his 76th birthday, for a dental examination which revealed a remarkable set of teeth. He has 30 perfect teeth without a single cavity. He has never used a tooth brush and has had them cleaned only twice, first time five years ago.

Ivan Montgomery of Sabetha, member of Baker University church choir, will appear with the college group in a broadcast, “America Sings” over KCMO Sunday, March 13 at 2:30 p.m. The program under the direction of Prof. William C Rice, will be broadcast by remote control from the First Methodist church at Baldwin.

Harvey Bechtelheimer recently sold a registered Holstein-Friesian bull to Lester R. Plankenhorn, Hyde Park N. Y. Change of ownership for this animal. Collins Farm Frosty Burke Lad. has been officially recorded by the Holstein-Friesian Association of America.

Ralph Germann, son of Walter A. Germann of Fairview, is one of two American specialists who have been employed by the Italian ministry of agriculture and forests to give technical assistance in their respective fields, according to an article in the Rome American. Germann is an agronomist, he and Walter Quick, forestry expert, are the first American experts who will serve Italy under the ERP program to give technical assistance to member nations in specialized fields. Germann has been assisting the Italian government in developing hybrid corn production as well as advising on seed production and artificial insemination. Germann was reared in the in the Spring Grove neighborhood, was graduated from the Fairview high school and later from Kansas State College. As a lieutenant in the army he was wounded in Sicily and was transferred to military government. He left the army a captain, and now is working in civilian status. He was home last March for a two weeks visit with his father.

50 Years

Wednesday, March 6, 1974

In spite of the flu epidemic, colds, etc., Nemaha County went over the top at the Bloodmobile visit last week. Sabetha drew 100 pints and Seneca 140 pints. (100 pints is the quota for each town.) For the first time in the fifteen years that Nemaha County has been in the Red Cross Blood Program, we have one hundred per cent of our quota for the whole year! We have had 99.7% but never the 100%.

DRIVER LICENSE EXAMS. There has been considerable confusion about just where and when the Highway Patrol gives driver license exams in Seneca and Hiawatha. The following is the correct info (we think). Seneca–Exams given every Monday at the Highway Community Building. Hiawatha-Exams given every Thursday and Friday at the new law enforcement building on east Oregon Street (main drag).

POST OFFICE DOOR SMASHED. Glass on one of the twin front doors at the Sabetha Post Office was smashed sometime Friday night. Postmaster George Althouse said he did not know how the thick plate glass was broken. There evidently was no attempt made to enter the post office foyer and no object was found near the broken glass. The door has been boarded up subject to having it repaired.

25 Years

Wednesday, March 10, 1999

March marks the month for the Nemaha County United Charities annual fund drive. This year Nemaha County United Charities is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Formed in 1979, the organization allows individuals to make a one time contribution to several charities, rather than be bombarded with requests throughout the year. The Berwick Home Benefit Extension Homemakers Unit coordinated the consolidation effort. The effort assisted in eliminating the aggravation on the part of volunteers collecting funds.

Are Y2K problems coming to Sabetha early? Starting in January several files connected to the file server at Sabetha High School came up missing. Among the missing files are all of the yearbook photos, student work, folders with student names and Ten Sigma files. The yearbook staff, which uses two digital cameras, is scrambling to find replacement photos from various other sources such as the school newspaper, parents, the local newspaper and other sources. Two-third of the school photos came up missing a few weeks ago, and the rest disappeared last week.

Railroad safety was the topic of an informative presentation at the Sabetha Chamber of Commerce General Meeting on Tuesday, March 2, at the United Methodist Church. Following a meal and short business meeting, the 40 individuals in attendance were given an opportunity to ask questions regarding the current railroad crossing issue. John Simpson, manager of public safety for Union Pacific, began by describing the history and repurchase of the railroad short line. Union Pacific was the owner of the line passing through Sabetha until 1990. In 1990 UP sold the line to the Northeast Kansas Missouri Railroad. When the line went up for sale over a year ago, UP was interested in obtaining possession once again.

10 Years

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

PHOTO: Senior 170-pound Michael Baumgartner, the third-place medalist in this year’s state tourney, takes Keith Short of Gypsum-Southeast Saline back to the mat during their bout in the consolation finals.

A desire to help others is what drove Bern native Abby (Dunmire) Moore to pursue a career in the chiropractic field. Moore will graduate in April from Logan University in Chesterfield, Mo., a suburb of St. Louis, Mo., with a doctorate in chiropractic. As part of her studies, Moore must complete a preceptorship and is doing hers at Lukert Chiropractic in Sabetha. Moore said she is excited to work with Dr. Brett Lukert and staff.

PHOTO: The Soggy Bottom Boys entertain the crowd with humorous renditions of “The B-U-T-C-H-E-R” (a spoof of country singer Tammy Wynette’s “D-I-V-O-R-C-E”) and “I’II Fly Away,” at the annual Sabetha Has Talent event held Friday evening, February 28, at the Sabetha Middle School auditorium.



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