Job description: must like people!

I believe that liking and enjoying time with people is the number one job description for any library employee, from the volunteers, circulation clerks, social media staff, the activities’ directors to the boss herself. At least that is what I have found to be true over the last 20 some odd years that I have been in the business of helping people find the kinds of books and information that they seek when they walk into the Mary Cotton Public Library. We like people!

Obviously, if librarians don’t like people or working with people, talking with people or getting to know people, then the job of being a librarian can be very difficult indeed. Helping a person find that special book he or she is seeking can be a supremely rewarding task, especially when the person comes back all excited about it and just can’t wait for the next one in the series or by the same author.

A really good book can take a person from the lowest low to the highest high, without the danger of taking drugs or alcohol. It can uplift one’s spirits and bring comfort to those who are suffering. It can be just plain fun! From the very youngest library patron to the oldest reader, we aim to please and to do our best to serve.

But, back to liking people. People are what make a library special. It really isn’t about the books, even though the building at 915 Virginia has more than 30,000 of them inside its walls. It is about the special people who work there, care about you and help you find whatever it is you seek in the way of entertainment, spiritual awakening or knowledge. Take some time and stop in, reacquaint yourselves with the building and staff and let our people help you find your next great read!



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