Fairview City Council 2.1.2024

Submitted by Christine Rosenberger

The Fairview City Council met at 7 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 1, for their regular meeting. Present were Mayor Art Vonderschmidt, council members Charlie Kramer, Bridget Harvey, Sierra Goering, Doug Bletscher and Steve Holthaus, City Clerk Christine Rosenberger, Animal Control/Ordinance Officer Ashley Martinez, City Treasurer Kim Rettele, City Maintenance George Blanton, and Community Center Manager Joann Keim. Guests in attendance were Lois Kramer, Patty Ingraham and Shane Spangler of the Fairview Mural Committee.

Vonderschmidt called the meeting to order and then spoke in regard to the Fairview Mural Project outlining location, funding and establishing the committee members.

There was no correspondence to review.

The council approved the minutes of the Jan. 16 meeting.

The council approved the treasurer’s report as balanced and verified.

Old Business

Vonderschmidt advised that Al Armstrong has agreed to manufacture an iron door for 424 W Commercial. The council approved to have Armstrong manufacture an iron swing door for the 424 W Commercial.

The council discussed if the contact with Patrick and Joyce Davis allows for subleasing and noted it did not.

New Business

Doug Barrett submitted an application for demolition assistance for 117 W Front. The small house received storm damage and is in need of demolition. The project cost was estimated at $3,500 to be done in March 2024. The council approved to award demolish assistance to Doug Barrett for up to half of the cost not to exceed $2,000.

The council approved to discontinue billing sewer charges to 422 W Commercial owned by Casey and Celeste Votruba as there is not sewer service at that location.

It was noted, mural donations have been received from Tim and Cherie Stueve for $100 and Ricky DeLuna for $500.

Easement Officer Martinez advised 11 easements for the U.S. Highway 36 project have been turned into the city attorney. She continues to work on a few more. City court is set for 4 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 13.

The council approved paying the bills.

The next regular meeting of the council was held on Thursday, March 7, at the Community Center.


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