More recent scams circulating the area

I have had reports from residents that they have been receiving phone calls from someone representing themselves as an agent from the IRS. Caller ID also showed IRS with a phone number. Residents are being informed that there has been an issue with their income tax paperwork and they need verification before they can continue to process the return.

The caller has been asking residents for their social security number so they can verify the amount of refund. Another person was asked to provide their checking account routing number so the money would be automatically deposited in their account. In some instances, the residents had not filed yet and another person did not have a refund due.

After speaking with an agent from the IRS, I was informed that they will NEVER contact you by phone and ask for any personal information. If you feel you have become a victim of this type of scam notify the IRS at 800-366-4484 or your local law enforcement. We are reminding everyone — DO NOT give out personal information over the phone for any reason, and never rely on your caller ID to identify a caller.

Another familiar scam has cropped up where residents are being contacted by phone and the caller is telling them that their social security number has been compromised/suspended or rendered invalid. Residents are being told to press No. 1 to continue with the call. This is a scam and I am advising anyone who receives this type of call to hang up immediately.

Also, do not trust your caller ID on your phone — scammers can make any name or number appear on you caller ID. Make sure you know who you are talking to and NEVER give out any personal information over the phone.

Several reports have also been made about Medicare calling and needing to update their information. The caller is asking for the county resident to provide social security number, Medicare/Medicaid number, and other personal information. These people will NEVER phone you to obtain this information. This is a scam.

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John Merchant currently serves as Brown County (Kansas) Sheriff.


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