Rifle range is complete

The Sabetha City Commission met at 6 p.m. Monday, March 25, at Sabetha City Hall. Present for the meeting were Mayor Cody Bletscher, Commissioners Jason Enneking, Nick Aberle, Maridel Wittmer and Trevin Edelman, City Administrator Doug Allen, City Clerk Steve Compo, Parks and Recreation Director Jeremy Haverkamp, and Police Chief Robert Wahwasuck. Guests present were Cole Grimes and Sabetha High School AP Government student Aiden Lang.

Rifle range

Grimes was present to update the commissioners on the rifle range located by Triple C. He shared photos of the completed project and said it is ready and available to use for those who have a membership.

“The total project is now complete, everything out there is done, and the gates’ up and we’ll put a lock up there,” Grimes said. “The total project was $10,000 that we raised. It took 65 hours of work by the Boy Scouts that we did to get it all set up, not aside from what the City did moving dirt and all that.”

The commissioners discussed some concerns with the height of the mounds being too low, creating safety concerns for cars driving by.

“…Maybe adding some more dirt and building up the mound behind the pistol range… To at least reduce the risk,” Aberle said.

Grimes agreed that there is more dirt out there and they will add height to the back stop.

The board expressed their appreciation for his coming in with the pictures, talking about the completed project, and they all agreed that it “looked really nice.”

Parks and Recreation Report

Haverkamp talked about currently having 273 kids signed up for baseball and softball so far this year. They also have 35 applicants so far for lifeguards and three for maintenance crew, but would like to see that number at five or six.

They have been spending more time working at the sports complex now that high school softball has started up.

They will also be working on landscape clean-ups at city hall and the pool.

There will be some fertilizer applications to do and grass seeding — a spot at the library, and a couple patches at the Sixth Street park where they took some trees out.

They will add more mulch to the library park under the playground to try and raise it back up and fill in holes.

They also discussed the possibility of adding a basketball court or pickleball court at the Sixth Street park in the future.

Police Report

Wahwasuck explained that the Sabetha Police Department is in need of a new vehicle.

“This is about year four that we’ve been without a vehicle, we use to get them about every two years,” Wahwasuck said. “The oldest Explorer that we are currently operating actually has more miles on it than the one we miled out to the city, so we are looking at getting a pickup truck.”

After discussion, the commissioners agreed to purchase a 2024 F-150 Quad Cab pickup from Aberle Ford in the amount of $48,800.


There have been six dog calls since Feb. 21. Four were for a dog at large, where city personnel or an officer responded. Three were located and taken care of, while one was not located in the area reported. One was for a noisy animal. An officer responded to the area of a reported barking dog, patrolled the area and could not locate the source of the noise. One was for a vicious dog. An officer responded and took a report, charges are pending.


1322 Roosevelt: Unfit structure, maintenance and repair. Some of the roofing has been started. Trying to contact owner to get the project completed.

317 S. Fifth St.: Junk motor vehicle, blight premise, animal confines. Attempting to contact owners before abatement.

517 S. 11th St.: Junk motor vehicle, ready for resolution and abatement. Trying to contact the owner of the vehicle for final negotiations prior to abatement, have not been able to make contact.


Retirement luncheon went well, even though chief was tied up on a call and missed it unfortunately, we are sure that they understood.

New dispatcher attended training and is now certified, along with that another dispatcher attended training to become an assistant coordinator for the department, and they successfully completed that training.

Preparation for the summer season is underway with baseball, softball, swimming and more traffic on the streets. The special events to be held around town along with annual events always present a bit of challenge for our small department and even more so with us being short staffed.

We continue to look for new applicants and have spoken with a few individuals, but no new real possibilities at this time.

April is a traditional time of year around citywide clean-up that we began our hard look into properties and code violations. Spring citywide clean-up is a great opportunity for citizens to clear away items they’ve been meaning to, and haul off that vehicle that no longer runs and is not worth fixing.

We had 161 calls for service in the month of February, opened eight new criminal cases and investigated four accidents.

Also at the meeting:

The commissioners approved the minutes from the March 11 meeting.

The commissioners approved the Resolution No. 2024-04 for the Oregon sidewalk bid. This project will cost $625,891 where the City of Sabetha will provide matching funds of $159,000.

The commissioners will meet again for their next regular meeting at 6 p.m. Monday, April 8, at Sabetha City Hall.

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Julie Shafer is a reporter for The Sabetha Herald, where she has been on staff since 2021. Julie lives in Morrill with her husband and three of her five children.


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