Presenting ‘Murder Runs in the Family’

Cast members of Sabetha High School’s spring play “Murder Runs in the Family” pose for a picture during play practice on Monday, April 1. Pictured are FRONT ROW (L-R) Kiley Teske, Jacob Enneking and Kelsey Herrmann; BACK ROW (L-R) Morgan Toedman, Ellyannah Clinton, Revé Nonnast, Josiah Richardson, Krae Aberle, Avery Baumgartner, Tristan Schmid, Harper Smith, Kylah Edelman, Eve Bailey and Olivia Baumgartner. Not pictured are Josh Grimm, Jacob Grimm, Nyah Strahm, James Sallman, Dade Daily, Isaac Schmid, Brendon Bestwick, Jayce Rebant, Alexia Hayden and Ellie Wessel.

The Sabetha High School spring play “Murder Runs in the Family” is approaching quickly and is scheduled for 7 p.m. Friday and Saturday, April 12 and 13, at Sabetha Middle School. Tickets are $5 for adults and $3 for students.

Heather Pallfeather is a modern-day damsel in distress whose stepfather just kicked the bucket. Or did somebody kick it for him? With this crazy family, it’s hard to tell! To get some straight answers, she hires Jack Sparks, a private eye, to act as her fiance and accompany her to the estate for the reading of the will.

Sparks thinks himself a pretty shrewd cookie… Until the lights go out and he starts to crumble. Throw in the mother who gets lost in her own house, a cousin who’s married to a known convict, interchangeable twins, a stepsister who’s looking for a fresh neck for lunch and a butler with the personality of a tongue depressor, and it’s enough to make Jack think about resuming his old job of writing greeting cards.

Cast members include Jacob Enneking as Montgomery, Joshua Grimm as Jack Sparks, Harper Smith as Heather Pallfeather, Avery Baumgartner as Miriam Pallfeather, Jacob Grimm as Claude Purdy, Nyah Strahm as Pauline Purdy, Eve Bailey as Maxine Pallfeather, Kylah Edelman as Kathleen Pallfeather, Krae Aberle as Cleo Burdett, Revé Nonnast as Zelda, Ellyannah Clinton as Messenger, James Sallman as Policeman 1, Tristan Schmid as Policeman 2 and Dade Daily as Undertaker. Other family members include Isaac Schmid, Brendon Bestwick, Olivia Baumgartner, Jayce Rebant, Josiah Richardson, Kelsey Herrmann, Kiley Teske, Alexia Hayden and Ellie Wessel.


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