Libraries are changing

Patrons are seeing more and more digital content and are requesting more digital content than ever before. COVID was probably the greatest game changer for libraries than any other event in our history. As people were forced to stay at home, they turned to digital resources for their reading and entertainment pleasure, resulting in a definite paradigm shift in the way that libraries do business today.

As more people acquire smartphones, personal tablets and home computers, they almost always directly are connected to some sort of digital content. This is not always a “bad” thing.

We have found that children diagnosed with reading problems such as dyslexia can actually benefit from digital books downloaded on a personal device. Both the Kindle app and the Libby app (available through MCPL digital book sites) will allow the user to manipulate page color, font color, font size and type of font for optimum word decoding and reading. How cool is it to be a student with dyslexia and be able to read “real” age appropriate material in the type of font that is decodable and comfortable? No more embarrassing “baby” books. Welcome to the future!

Don’t count out the older generation, either! More and more elders are acquiring the skills necessary to maintain personal contact with friends and family as well as discovering the same digital content that is available (movies, e-books and audio books) that will entertain and inspire. Personal help is available at the library for anyone who is interested in making those kinds of connections through their phones and/or personal internet. Just ask us about Hoopla, Sunflower E-Library and the State Library of Kansas digital websites. All of this content is available at our fingertips to use and enjoy for FREE with a simple Mary Cotton Public Library Card and/or State of Kansas Library card. The future has arrived!

Be on the alert for new chances to express your concerns or make suggestions on ways that the MCPL can be of service to you, our public. The acquisition of the American Library Association’s Transforming Communities grant will enable us to expand our services to so many more patrons who might struggle to navigate the physical library by offering a greater selection of digital and online content, thereby bringing the library directly to the patron on his/her terms. We are here to serve!

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