Morrill City Council

The Morrill City Council met in regular session on Monday, March 4. Members present were Linda Wymer, Griffen Huning and Gage Becker. Mayor Ken Beckner presiding. Superintendent Lee Wymer was present. Visitor present was Emery Huning.

Minutes and vouchers were approved.

The matter of replacing checks to Evergy was tabled.

After discussion, it was decided to appoint KMEA Directors: Linda Wymer as Director One, G. Huning as Director Two and G. Becker as the Alternative.

The date of which the ARPA money needs to be spent is Dec. 31, 2026.

The insurance company is requiring the fencing around the substation to be completed before electricity is turned on to it. Greg Duryea will be able to complete it in April.

The County wanted to know if the city plans to chip and seal streets this year. It was found the east side of town is to be chip and sealed.

Due to an individual’s tree not in the power lines or endangering the public, it was decided the city will not remove it, as it would be in competition with business’ that do that type of work.

The clerk stated the city had not been approved for the grant from the Ruth & Roger Wolfe Charitable Trust that would have gone towards the sidewalk project.

Mowing was discussed. There are individuals who will be taking care of it.

The City of Sabetha has not yet been able to repair their camera machine to camera the city’s sewer main of a one block area.


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