Scams again, March statistics

I would like to alert county residents about a new scam that is circulating our area that is targeting quite a number of people.

Citizens are being contacted by phone and e-mail telling them that they have been awarded a grant. A grant ID number is provided along with a phone number. Citizens are being promised different amounts of “FREE MONEY” if they will just call the phone number and enter the GRANT ID number. When the number is called, citizens are being instructed to provide their bank account information so the “FREE MONEY” can be transferred in to their account. A heavy foreign accent has been reported on these calls.

We have also had reports that residents are receiving calls from someone identifying themselves as the IRS informing them that they were shorted on their income tax refund (caller ID shows the call coming from the IRS). The caller is asking for their bank account information so the money can be direct deposited. This is a scam — the IRS will never contact you by phone.

Please remember, never trust your caller ID to identify a caller – scammers can make any name or number appear on your caller ID. Also, never give out your personal information over the phone or internet to these individuals. If something sounds too good to be true, it is most likely a scam. There is no such thing as free money.

If you feel you have been made a victim of a scam, please report to your local law enforcement at once.

Brown County Sheriff’s Office March Statistics

These are the statistics of the Brown County Sheriff’s Office for the month of March. I appreciate all of the positive comments that you have given me since I have started posting our activity. I appreciate those who have called to report suspicious or unusual activity that they have noticed. This helps a great deal, please continue doing so.


911 Calls – 216

Non-emergent calls – 3,019

TOTAL – 3,235

Averages to about 104 calls per day.


Accidents – 17

Animal Calls – 16

Assist Other Agency – 32

Battery – 2

Community Policing – 62

Criminal Damage to Property – 2

Disturbance 1

DUI/Drug Investigation – 11

Electronic Solicitation – 1

Fire Calls – 3

Medical – 4

Misc – 17

Missing Adult – 1

Offender Registration – 27

Phone Harassment – 3

Property Lost/Found – 2

Driving Complaints – 10

Subpoena Service – 201

Suspicious Person or Vehicle – 2

Theft – 1

Town Checks – 267

Traffic Stops – 180

Transports – 3

Unattended Deaths – 1

Vehicle Checks and Lockouts – 39

Vin’s – 11

Warrants – 11

Welfare Checks – 4

There were more than 920 incidents, which average to over 29 incidents per day.

Brown County jailers booked in 37 inmates in the month of March, there were 2,392 phone calls in/out of jail, which average to approximately 77 calls per day.


John Merchant26 Posts

John Merchant currently serves as Brown County (Kansas) Sheriff.


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